10 Reasons Why Emma Swan is a Feminist Character

Here are the ten reasons why Emma Swan from Once Upon A Time(2011-) is a feminist character:

  1. Emma Swan is a product of the true love of Snow White and Charming. She was born in the Enchanted Forset, but Swan’s parents had to send her to another universe (Earth) to protect the baby from the Evil Queen’s curse.
  2. Swan grew up in foster homes in Minnesota and Massacutes until she ran away at the age of sixteen. Emma became a thief until she was arrested pregnant with her son Henry who she gave up so he could have a better life.
  3. Emma became a Bails Bondsman  in Boston until her biological son Henry found her and brought her back to Storybrooke. Swan became the Deputy Sheriff so she could bond with her son Henry who was adopted as a baby by Regina Mills a.k.a. The Evil Queen.
  4. Emma Swan ended up to be the Savior since she as born from true love. The Savior saves the people of Storybrooke from curses and evil plots through her magic, intelligence, and investigative skills.  Emma and her father David (who seems to be around Emma’s age because of the first curse that kept time from properly moving in Storybrooke) a.k.a. Charming are both sheriffs of the town.
  5. The spirit of the Dark One consumed Emma Swan making her more powerful but removing the compassion, love, and fear that made her human. Swan hurt the ones she cared about during the time, but her family helped get rid of it.
  6. Emma Swan has a hard time trusting people because of her time in foster care and the lies she has heard from people over the years, but once she lets somebody in she is loyal to them and will do anything to help them.
  7. Peter Pan enacted the original curse after kidnapping Henry did not work, so Emma and her son were forced to leave Storybrooke. Regina took away her adopted son and Co-Parent’s memory of who they really were so they could live in New York. Even though Emma Swan was super happy as an investigator and mother in New York without the burden of knowing she was the savior, she returned home to help everybody. Swan deep down knew she is a hero and can’t belong in a non-magical world.
  8. Both Emma and Henry love cinnamon on their hot chocolate.
  9. Emma Swan is full of conflicting personality traits like being extremely tough, but also very soft. Emma lashed out at her parent in anger when she found out that they cursed a baby to make her good then lied about it, but only because Snow White and Charming lied to her which hurt since she trusted them.
  10. Lastly, Emma is feminist because her hate/love relationship with Regina opens up fans like my heart in a way that we ship them together.

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10 Reasons Why Vanessa Ives is a Feminist Character

Here are the ten reasons why Vanessa Ives from Penny Dreadful (2014-) is a feminist character:

  1. Vanessa Ives can connect with spirits who speak through her or give her metaphorical visions. She is a medium.
  2. Ives gave up much of her life to rescue her dear childhood friend Mina Murray from Dracula.
  3. Vanessa slept with Mina’s fiance because she wanted to rescue her friend from losing her identity, but also of the evilness brewing under her devote catholicism.
  4. Ms. Vanessa Ives has internally battled demons who have tried to take over her soul and body. These “battles” leave Vanessa convulsing in pain and saying things that hurt those she loves.
  5. Vanessa Ives is a Catholic heiress who lives with a sort of father figure Sir Malcolm Murray who the medium will do anything for. Ms. Ives doesn’t think much of Murray at times because when she was a little girl she caught Malcolm sleeping with her mother. Also, Sir Murray hated her for the longest time for her one sinful night with his daughter’s fiance even though it  caused the demons to try to take her over.
  6. Joan Clayton a cult-wife trained Vanessa Ives on the spells she can cast to protect herself from the daywalkers a.k.a. witches.
  7. In control, Vanessa appears very lady like and restrained like the typical Victorian woman, but when the darkness creeps in she becomes an openly sexual creature.
  8. Vanessa  Ives can be a very compassionate woman even though she appears cold. While Ms. Ives volunteered at the Cholera hospital, she befriends Dr. Fraknestein’s creature John Clare even though everybody else was disgusted by his scars. Vanessa taught Clare to dance and discussed their love of poetry.
  9. When Vanessa was a child she feared dolls because  of their ears that were always staring, but Ives still played with them so not to appear unnatural.
  10. Vanessa Ives loves dancing but finds balls and other high-class events tedious.

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10 Reasons Why Caroline Dawson is a Feminist Character

Here are the ten reasons why Caroline Dawson from Last Tango in Halifax(2012-) is a feminist character:

  1. Caroline Dawson  comes out of the closet as a Lesbian after being married to man named John for many years and having two teenage sons with him.
  2. Caroline works as a headmistress at the local private high school. She holds a doctorate in something, but that is not discussed on the show.
  3. Dawson has a chemistry degree from Oxford.
  4. Caroline fell in love with a choir and foreign language teacher named Kate McKenzie. They eventually got married and had a daughter named Flora Grace together.
  5. Dawson lost the love of her life Kate McKenzie to a car accident while she was still pregnant. Caroline struggles with raising Flora because she did not really want another child to begin with along with the loss of her recently married wife.
  6. Caroline still speaks to Kate all the time because she can not accept that her wife is really gone.
  7. Dawson’s mother Celia has a difficult time dealing with the her daughter being a Lesbian so they often have terrible arguments. One such shouting match caused the mother to not be a Kate and Caroline’s wedding.
  8. Caroline can be quite career oriented and tough, but she has enough compassion to allow her ex-husband John stay with her while he got back on his feet.
  9. Dawson leans on Flora Grace’s biological father for child support after the nanny is discovered driving drunk with the six weeks old baby.
  10. Caroline Dawson shares a bond with her new step-sister Gillian who is a farmer.

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10 Reasons Why Sergeant Catherine Cawood is a Feminist Character

Here are the ten reasons why Sergeant Catherine Cawood from Happy Valley is a feminist character:

1.Sergeant Catherine Cawood is police community officer for the West Yorkshire Police Department in charge of a lot of young uniformed officers who do work like arresting drug dealers or addicts who are endangering themselves or others.

2. Cawood used to be a detective, but became a police officer again because Catherine raises her young grandson Ryan with help from her younger sister Clare. Catherine loves her grandson alot even though she struggles with the fact that he was born because her daughter Becky was raped by Tommy Lee Royce. The young woman committed suicide because she could not deal with the six weeks old Ryan along with the memory of the attack.

3. Sergeant Cawood loves telling funny stories about the different arrests she makes, but can be as tough as nails to criminals who give her any sort of trouble. If a drug dealer or thief act up or speak out of turn, then Catherine will throw the full force of her attitude and the law upon them.

4. Catherine lost her marriage because of the deep depression that she fell into after Becky died.  Also, her husband could not deal with having Ryan in the house.The Sergeant is very patient, but stern with Ryan who acts physically up in class out of frustration because of his dyslexia.

5. Cawood’s sense of humor, hard work and loyalty has earned the respect and friendship of most of the people who work with her. Though if Catherine does not think a superior is working a case correctly or through enough she can be a bit rude to them.

6. Catherine sometimes sleeps with her ex-husband Richard who has re-married a much younger woman. Cawood sometimes feels lonely with no romantic companionship.

7. Cawood’s son Daniel stopped talking to her for a long time because when Catherine was struggling she said she wished he had died instead of Becky. Though now the son feels comfortable enough stay with her, Clare and Ryan because his marriage fell apart.

8. Catherine protected her neighbor Winnie and a ex-human trafficking survivor by sleeping right outside her home with a cricket bat.

9. Sergeant Cawood with the help of her sister Clare rescued Ryan from his biological father who tried to light himself and his “son” on fire. Catherine beat the rapist up, but spried Tommy with a fire  extinguisher so he couldn’t hurt himself. She refused to kill Royce because he wanted to die.

10. Catherine won the Queen’s police medal for bravery.

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10 Reasons Why Bette Porter is a Feminist Character

Here are the ten reasons why Bette Porter from The L Word is a feminist character:

  1. Bette Porter is a biracial Lesbian art history expert who lives in L.A.
  2. Bette went to Yale as both a graduate and undergraduate student as an Art History major.
  3. Porter met the love of her life Tina Kennard at the famous art gallery she owned. Tina was still dating men back then and didn’t realize she was a Lesbian.
  4. Bette can be a very domineering woman, but is very loyal to her half sister Kit and their friends. For example when Bette was dating Jodi Lerner, a deaf artist, she tried to make this perfect huge party where she translated everything.
  5. Porter has been the Director of the California Arts Center and the Dean of the School of the Arts at California University.
  6. Tina and Bette have a toddler daughter named Angelica Porter-Kennard.
  7. Bette now co-owns the Wentworth-Porter Art Gallery.
  8. Porter lost Tina for a couple of years partly because she cheated on the blonde with Candace Jewell a carpenter.
  9. The couple is relocating to New York because of Tina’s job offer by some film studio and the fact that their two faced friend Jenny thinks Bette was cheating again.
  10. Bette’s father Melvin died from untreated prostate cancer, which was hard on the half black art expert since he never accepted her being Lesbian though they were very close.



10 Reasons Why SSA Kate Callahan is a Feminist Character

Here are ten reasons why SSA Kate Callahan from Criminal Minds is a feminist character:

  1. SSA Katherine Callahan worked as an undercover FBI agent in the Sex Crimes Unit for eight years. Kate would spend a month solving every case, which would lead to an arrest of a sexual predator.
  2. Kate lost her big sister Liz and brother-in-law in the 911 attack on the Pentagon. She took guardianship of their baby daughter Meg after the attacks who is now thirteen.
  3. Callahan is an expert in manipulating serial offenders because of her beauty, charm and intelligence.
  4. Kate is a clumsy person, but now when she needs to be on alert while after a serial killer.
  5. SSA Callahan owns three personal guns.
  6. Kate loves to sing karaoke at bars, which is where she met a lot of her teammates before she joined the BAU.
  7. Callahan helps capture serial killers because she wants to make the world saver for Meg and her unborn child. Kate taught her adopted daughter how to protect herself if she was every kidnapped by a predator, which sadly came in handy. Meg and her best friend were kidnapped by a serial killer ring.
  8. Cases that have to do with plane crashes are very hard for Kate because of 911, but the SSA keeps strong for the victims and their families. Callahan never lets personal feelings get in way of catching serial killers.
  9. Kate saves J.J. by shooting a serial killer.
  10. Like Garcia Callahan watches videos of cute animals to cheer her up.

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10 Reasons Why Dr Alex Blake is a Feminist Character

Here are the ten ways that Dr Alex Black from Criminal Minds is a feminist character:

  1. Dr Blake earned her PhD at UC Berkeley in linguistics.
  2. SSA Alex Blake teaches forensic linguistics at Georgetown along with being a profiler at the BAU.
  3. Blake joined the FBI when she was twenty four years old. The only other person at the BAU to become part of FBI in their early twenties is Reid.
  4. Alex knows sign language.
  5. SSA Blake comes from a family of law enforcement. Her father is a retired Kansas City Police Captain and her older brother Danny was killed in the line of duty. Scott Blake continues to be a homicide detective in Kansas. Alex and Scott reconnected over a BAU case.
  6. Section Chief Erin Strauss let Alex take the blame for arresting the wrong suspect during a case that was connected to  Amerithrax.
  7. Blake and her husband James lost their nine year old son Ethan to a neurological disease many years ago.  Their son’s death is the reason why the couple don’t live together.
  8. SSA Alex Blake has a strong both with the brilliant SSA Spencer Reid because he reminds her of Ethan.
  9. Alex whispers lyrics to songs when she is trying to solve a problem.
  10. Blake’s early introduction to puzzles lead her to want to study linguistics.

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10 Reasons Why SSA Emily Prentiss is a Feminist Character

Here are ten reasons why SSA Emily Prentiss from Criminal Minds is a feminist character:

  1. SSA Emily Prentiss used to be part of the BAU elite unit at the FBI. Now Prentiss is the Chief of the London Interpol Office where she profiles serial killers on the international stage.
  2. Prentiss’s mother Elizabeth is a U.S. Diplomat, so Emily grew up all over the world in cities like Rome. Emily was also raised Catholic, so she really struggled with having an abortion as a teenager.
  3. SSA Prentiss went to Yale, then spent ten years in the FBI before joining the BAU.
  4. Emily is fluent in Arabic, Spanish, French and Italian. Plus the FBI agent also knows a little Russian because of international childhood.
  5. Prentiss is skilled enough in chess to beat Reid who is considered the genius of the group.
  6. Emily does not think much of politics because of how emotionally distant and manipulative her mother is.
  7. Prentiss used to be goth when she was in High School.
  8. When Emily and Reid were going undercover in a cult, the female SSA admitted that she was part of the FBI and took a beating to protect everybody else.
  9. SSA Prentiss has a great bond with JJ and Penelope Garcia who she goes out to Girl’s Nights as much as possible.
  10. Emily used to be a spy who was part of a task force who profiled  terrorists.

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10 Reasons Why Elle Greenway is a Feminist Character

Here are the ten reasons why Elle Greenway from Criminal Minds is a feminist character:

  1. SSA Elle Greenway worked in Seattle FBI Office field office profiling sex offenders, before joining the BAU. Greenway’s speciality as a profiler in BAU was sex offense crimes since that is where she learned.
  2. Greenway is half Cuban, so she is fluent in Spanish because of her mother.
  3. Elle’s father died in duty as a police officer in the NYPD. SSA Greenway bonded with fellow profiler Derek Morgan over losing their (respective) fathers in the line of duty while they were both children.
  4. Elle Greenway was shot in her own home by an unsub that called himself the Fisher King as punishment for not following the team not following his instructions. The profiler almost died, but talks with her dead father Robert kept her from crossing over. Greenway was left with some serious mental scars like not feeling safe at home and becoming too emotionally invested in cases.
  5. SSA Greenway ends up shooting Lee a serial rapist without cause because the BAU did not find enough legal evidence to arrest him. The near death experience  left Elle angry at everybody including her team for not being perfect, which led to the agent leaving the FBI.
  6. Elle hates talking on the telephone.
  7. The Unit Chief Jason Gideon thinks that Elle Greenway can be a little to impatient when dealing with arresting the Unsubs, so she was asked to work on that after being hired to the most elite Behavioral Analysis Unit.
  8. Elle Greenway started having a drinking problem after returning to work after a four month leave to recover from being shot. She also stopped trusting Hotch and the rest of the team.
  9. Elle became best friends with JJ a.k.a. Jennifer Jareau who she jokes around with.
  10. Greenway felt guilt for allowing a mentally unstable man shoot his caretaker when they were all being kept hostage on a train going to Dallas.

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10 Reasons Why Deputy Chief Brenda Leigh Johnson is a Feminist Character

Here are the ten reasons why Deputy Chief Brenda Leigh Johnson from The Closer is a feminist character:

  1. Southerner Deputy Chief Johnson used to be the head of the Major Crimes Division of the LAPD. Johnson has also worked in two other police departments: Metropolitan Police Department of the District of Columbia and the Atlanta Police Department. She was a Captain in the APD.
  2. Brenda has been an interrogator for the CIA in Washington D.C. before joining the MPDC.
  3. After being cleared of ethics violations for false charges of sleeping with a APD police officer, Brenda Leigh Johnson turned down a job at Homeland to head up the elite LAPD Major Crimes Division.
  4. Brenda Leigh Johnson now works as the Chief of the Los Angeles County District Attorney.
  5. Johnson loves sweets (cookies and candy), which she hides in her desk drawers and eats when a case reallys stresses her out. Brenda works too much so she spends a lot of her time in her office.
  6. Brenda says the catch phrase ” Thank you; thank you very much” in a slightly ironic phrase at times. Though Johnson can be appear very controlling or rude at times because she micromanages cases is great at finding important clues.
  7. The Deputy Chief Johnson is considered a “closer” especially since she is great at forcing out confessions that ends murder cases. Then Brenda arrests the criminals on the highest charge possible.
  8. Brenda Johnson and her husband FBI Agent Fitz Howard helped straighten out their rebel niece Charlie Johnson.
  9. The Deputy Chief had to leave the LAPD because she attacked serial killer and defense attorney Phillip Stroh while trying to arrest him.
  10. Brenda is an army brat with a now retired U.S. Air Force Officer father named Clay Johnson who traveled all over the South with.

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