10 Reasons Why Elle Greenway is a Feminist Character

Here are the ten reasons why Elle Greenway from Criminal Minds is a feminist character:

  1. SSA Elle Greenway worked in Seattle FBI Office field office profiling sex offenders, before joining the BAU. Greenway’s speciality as a profiler in BAU was sex offense crimes since that is where she learned.
  2. Greenway is half Cuban, so she is fluent in Spanish because of her mother.
  3. Elle’s father died in duty as a police officer in the NYPD. SSA Greenway bonded with fellow profiler Derek Morgan over losing their (respective) fathers in the line of duty while they were both children.
  4. Elle Greenway was shot in her own home by an unsub that called himself the Fisher King as punishment for not following the team not following his instructions. The profiler almost died, but talks with her dead father Robert kept her from crossing over. Greenway was left with some serious mental scars like not feeling safe at home and becoming too emotionally invested in cases.
  5. SSA Greenway ends up shooting Lee a serial rapist without cause because the BAU did not find enough legal evidence to arrest him. The near death experience  left Elle angry at everybody including her team for not being perfect, which led to the agent leaving the FBI.
  6. Elle hates talking on the telephone.
  7. The Unit Chief Jason Gideon thinks that Elle Greenway can be a little to impatient when dealing with arresting the Unsubs, so she was asked to work on that after being hired to the most elite Behavioral Analysis Unit.
  8. Elle Greenway started having a drinking problem after returning to work after a four month leave to recover from being shot. She also stopped trusting Hotch and the rest of the team.
  9. Elle became best friends with JJ a.k.a. Jennifer Jareau who she jokes around with.
  10. Greenway felt guilt for allowing a mentally unstable man shoot his caretaker when they were all being kept hostage on a train going to Dallas.

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