10 Reasons Why Dr Alex Blake is a Feminist Character

Here are the ten ways that Dr Alex Black from Criminal Minds is a feminist character:

  1. Dr Blake earned her PhD at UC Berkeley in linguistics.
  2. SSA Alex Blake teaches forensic linguistics at Georgetown along with being a profiler at the BAU.
  3. Blake joined the FBI when she was twenty four years old. The only other person at the BAU to become part of FBI in their early twenties is Reid.
  4. Alex knows sign language.
  5. SSA Blake comes from a family of law enforcement. Her father is a retired Kansas City Police Captain and her older brother Danny was killed in the line of duty. Scott Blake continues to be a homicide detective in Kansas. Alex and Scott reconnected over a BAU case.
  6. Section Chief Erin Strauss let Alex take the blame for arresting the wrong suspect during a case that was connected to  Amerithrax.
  7. Blake and her husband James lost their nine year old son Ethan to a neurological disease many years ago.  Their son’s death is the reason why the couple don’t live together.
  8. SSA Alex Blake has a strong both with the brilliant SSA Spencer Reid because he reminds her of Ethan.
  9. Alex whispers lyrics to songs when she is trying to solve a problem.
  10. Blake’s early introduction to puzzles lead her to want to study linguistics.

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