10 Reasons Why SSA Emily Prentiss is a Feminist Character

Here are ten reasons why SSA Emily Prentiss from Criminal Minds is a feminist character:

  1. SSA Emily Prentiss used to be part of the BAU elite unit at the FBI. Now Prentiss is the Chief of the London Interpol Office where she profiles serial killers on the international stage.
  2. Prentiss’s mother Elizabeth is a U.S. Diplomat, so Emily grew up all over the world in cities like Rome. Emily was also raised Catholic, so she really struggled with having an abortion as a teenager.
  3. SSA Prentiss went to Yale, then spent ten years in the FBI before joining the BAU.
  4. Emily is fluent in Arabic, Spanish, French and Italian. Plus the FBI agent also knows a little Russian because of international childhood.
  5. Prentiss is skilled enough in chess to beat Reid who is considered the genius of the group.
  6. Emily does not think much of politics because of how emotionally distant and manipulative her mother is.
  7. Prentiss used to be goth when she was in High School.
  8. When Emily and Reid were going undercover in a cult, the female SSA admitted that she was part of the FBI and took a beating to protect everybody else.
  9. SSA Prentiss has a great bond with JJ and Penelope Garcia who she goes out to Girl’s Nights as much as possible.
  10. Emily used to be a spy who was part of a task force who profiled  terrorists.

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