10 Reasons Why Emma Swan is a Feminist Character

Here are the ten reasons why Emma Swan from Once Upon A Time(2011-) is a feminist character:

  1. Emma Swan is a product of the true love of Snow White and Charming. She was born in the Enchanted Forset, but Swan’s parents had to send her to another universe (Earth) to protect the baby from the Evil Queen’s curse.
  2. Swan grew up in foster homes in Minnesota and Massacutes until she ran away at the age of sixteen. Emma became a thief until she was arrested pregnant with her son Henry who she gave up so he could have a better life.
  3. Emma became a Bails Bondsman  in Boston until her biological son Henry found her and brought her back to Storybrooke. Swan became the Deputy Sheriff so she could bond with her son Henry who was adopted as a baby by Regina Mills a.k.a. The Evil Queen.
  4. Emma Swan ended up to be the Savior since she as born from true love. The Savior saves the people of Storybrooke from curses and evil plots through her magic, intelligence, and investigative skills.  Emma and her father David (who seems to be around Emma’s age because of the first curse that kept time from properly moving in Storybrooke) a.k.a. Charming are both sheriffs of the town.
  5. The spirit of the Dark One consumed Emma Swan making her more powerful but removing the compassion, love, and fear that made her human. Swan hurt the ones she cared about during the time, but her family helped get rid of it.
  6. Emma Swan has a hard time trusting people because of her time in foster care and the lies she has heard from people over the years, but once she lets somebody in she is loyal to them and will do anything to help them.
  7. Peter Pan enacted the original curse after kidnapping Henry did not work, so Emma and her son were forced to leave Storybrooke. Regina took away her adopted son and Co-Parent’s memory of who they really were so they could live in New York. Even though Emma Swan was super happy as an investigator and mother in New York without the burden of knowing she was the savior, she returned home to help everybody. Swan deep down knew she is a hero and can’t belong in a non-magical world.
  8. Both Emma and Henry love cinnamon on their hot chocolate.
  9. Emma Swan is full of conflicting personality traits like being extremely tough, but also very soft. Emma lashed out at her parent in anger when she found out that they cursed a baby to make her good then lied about it, but only because Snow White and Charming lied to her which hurt since she trusted them.
  10. Lastly, Emma is feminist because her hate/love relationship with Regina opens up fans like my heart in a way that we ship them together.

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