10 Reasons Why Tara Knowles is a Feminist Character (SOA)

Here are the ten reasons why I believe Tara Knowles is a feminist character:

  1. Doctor Tara Knowles is a talented neonatal suregon who helped save her future son Abel Teller’s life when he was born ten weeks early.
  2. Tara stitches up anybody injured affiliated with the biker club Sons of Anarchy, which she has done even before she started dating Jax Teller again.
  3. Knowles is the “old lady” of the Vice President/President Jax Teller of the Charming  charter of the SOA club a.k.a. SAMCRO. She may be a Doctor, but she also has a crow tattooed on her lower back representing her connection to outlaw group SAMCRO.
  4. Tara used to date Jax Teller when they were teenagers, but ran away to San Diego to get away from the SAMCRO lifestyle. Teller and Knowles have loved each other since they were sixteen.
  5. Tara Knowles medically and emotionally looks after Gemma Teller-Morrow after she was raped by a Neo-Nazi group. She keeps her Mother-in-Laws secret, which leads to a deep bond between the two women.
  6. In Season Six, Tara loves Jax Teller more than anything, but still leaves him so their two young sons Abel and Thomas have a chance of a normal life away from all the violence. Like Gemma Teller-Morrow, Knowles is a protective loving mother.
  7. When Tara Knowles is kidnapped by Salazar, she gravely injures his girlfriend so that he lets go her friend/boss Margaret Murphy in exchange for the doctor’s hep.  Tara always looks after others nobody the danger to herself.
  8.  Tara Knowles knows almost everything SAMCRO does even the murders because she and Jax Teller have a honest loyal relationship where they tell each other everything. They have a equal partnership where they make choices together.
  9. Tara Knowles volunteers at a prison as a doctor  so she can get to Otto Delany to convince him to recant his information about the past illegal dealings of SAMCRO. The doctor uses his dead wife’s perfume to convince him to “un-rat”, but Otto kills a nurse using a crucifix she brought to the prison. Tara ends up being locked up for a little bit for this, which is the final straw in her remaining the “Queen” of SOA.
  10. Tara is a sweet loving person, but also has an angry violent side because of her love of her sons and all her years being part of SAMCRO.

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