List of Femslash Fanfiction

Here is a list of ten really great M rated Calzona (Callie/Arizona) fanfics:

1. You’re the One I Want by J.S. Jamesbrooke:

2. Well Maybe What You Want is Right Here by littlepiecesofme:

3. Control by Shinara66:

4. Veritas Vos Liberabit by emmer23:

5. Life in Techincolor by Leonhart17:

6. Darkness in Seattle by Lioness222:

7. Loves Lost, Hope Gained by tigersforever:

8. Hope Where You Least Expect It by amcfan000:

9. Irony in Its Finest by giaparrila:

10.  The Time Warp by MaybeIShouldGetACat:

List of some Lauren/Bo or Doccubus fanfic that I love:

1.Heavenly Resonance by rainbowwriters:

2. Laws of Attraction by mistyfiedbycopeland1:

3. The Blame Game by glasswrks:

4. All in The Way by Rhin1010:

5. Young Forever by Ruina Bell:

6. Darkness Falls by hbomba:

7. All in the Family by Rhin1010:

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