10 Reasons Why Bette Porter is a Feminist Character

Here are the ten reasons why Bette Porter from The L Word is a feminist character:

  1. Bette Porter is a biracial Lesbian art history expert who lives in L.A.
  2. Bette went to Yale as both a graduate and undergraduate student as an Art History major.
  3. Porter met the love of her life Tina Kennard at the famous art gallery she owned. Tina was still dating men back then and didn’t realize she was a Lesbian.
  4. Bette can be a very domineering woman, but is very loyal to her half sister Kit and their friends. For example when Bette was dating Jodi Lerner, a deaf artist, she tried to make this perfect huge party where she translated everything.
  5. Porter has been the Director of the California Arts Center and the Dean of the School of the Arts at California University.
  6. Tina and Bette have a toddler daughter named Angelica Porter-Kennard.
  7. Bette now co-owns the Wentworth-Porter Art Gallery.
  8. Porter lost Tina for a couple of years partly because she cheated on the blonde with Candace Jewell a carpenter.
  9. The couple is relocating to New York because of Tina’s job offer by some film studio and the fact that their two faced friend Jenny thinks Bette was cheating again.
  10. Bette’s father Melvin died from untreated prostate cancer, which was hard on the half black art expert since he never accepted her being Lesbian though they were very close.



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