10 Ways That Lost Is a Feminist Television Show

Here are the ten reasons why I believe Lost is a feminist television show:

1.Because of her cleverness and willingness to risk danger to help the ones she cares about, Kate Austen is one of the leaders of the Oceanic flight group
2.Kwon Sun-Hwa (Sun) learnt English so she could get out of an abusive and loveless marriage.
3.Sun subverted patriarchal marriage by refusing to live by her husband’s rules on the island. Also, by returning to the island to save him instead of the normative — the other way around.
4.Penny Widmore saves Desmond Hume her lover and future husband. Desmond is the “man in distress” and Penny the hero.
5.Doctor Juliet Burke is a fertility doctor and a OB/GYN. Juliet solved her sister’s infertility issue which she discovered was caused by cancer. This cure is considered a miracle, such a huge deal that “The Others” wanted her.
6.Juliet is one of the few “Others” to switch to the flight group’s side because of her compassion.
7.By burning down the family house with her step-father inside, Kate Austen saved her mother from an abusive relationship the best way she could.
8.Kate Austen proves her intelligence by being three steps ahead of the Marshall who was chasing her and her ability to track down people on the island. She can also manipulate others into doing what she wants. Thankfully, Kate uses her intelligence for the good (on the island).
9.Claire Littleton is a protective mother who is able to raise her baby son on a deserted island.
10.By using her wit to make homemade traps, Danielle Rousseau survived on the island, in isolation, for sixteen years. Her hope in seeing her daughter Alex again kept her going.

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Ways That Doctor Who Supports The Doctor Regenerating As a Woman

I know I have already mused about why the Doctor should regenerate as a woman, but here are some ways that the television show Doctor Who supports the idea:

  1. The Master regenerating as Missy.
  2. Ohila of The Sisterhood of Kahn offered Doctor 8 a potion to force him to regenerate into a woman meaning that Time Lords can become Time Ladies. These potions only made sure that the Doctor turned into a specific time of person not adding crazy possibilities.
  3. Doctor 11 mentioned to Rory and Amy that his Time Lord friend the Corsair had been a Time Lady a couple of times. Time Lords can become Time Ladies more than once. Nothing is stopping the Doctor from becoming a woman in another regeneration or two.
  4. Missy asked Clara to guess what of the three things about the Doctor that she says is false. One of the facts was that the Doctor was once a little girl. The implication meaning that its possible that the Doctor was born female or for a brief part of the Time Lord’s childhood was a girl.
  5. Doctor Who is a science fiction television show, so anything can happen.

In the BBC science fiction show, woman are powerful characters. The viewers see the world of Doctor Who through the mostly young women’ eyes who the Doctor travels with. The tardis was even shown to be a woman and is called old girl by the Doctor.Theres nothing stopping Steven Moffat from having the next regeneration being a woman. Lets make Doctor Who  more modern and a bigger feminist show than it was before. Though let me be clear that I love all the Doctors in the modern era, so this is no judgment on them. I just want to see the Doctor being a woman instead of a white man again.

Special Note: Sydney Newman who created Doctor Who in 1963, also started The Avengers  a spy show with female agents.

10 Reasons Why Star Trek: Next Generation is a Feminist Television Show

Here are the ten reasons why I believe Star Trek: Next Generation is a feminist television show:

  1. Doctor Beverly Crusher is a single mother who raises her genius son entirely by herself. She also manages the health of all the crew on board of the Starship Enterprise.
  2. Doctor Beverly Crusher graduated top of her class at the Starlet Academy.
  3. Doctor Beverly Crusher is a Commander in the Starfleet making her one rank below Captain Jean-Luc Picard.
  4. Doctor Crusher is chief medical officer of both Enterprise-D and Enterprise-E.
  5. Doctor Beverly Crusher was head of Starfleet Medical for an entire year, which I believe is the highest position a doctor could have in Starfleet.
  6. Counselor Deanna of Troi was at the rank of Lieutenant Commander for the first six seasons, then moved up to Commander for seventh season and continued to be a Commander for all the different spin offs from the series.
  7. Deanna of Troi is half betazoid and human, so she can feel other people’s emotion. Being an empath makes her very skilled at performing as the in-starship therapist and helping Captain Picard read potential enemies.
  8. Counselor Deanna of Troi has an advanced psychologist degree from the Starfleet Academy.
  9. Lieutenant Natasha “Tash” Yar was Chief Security Officer for the first season of Star Trek: Next Generation. 
  10. The women on the Starship Enterprise are brilliant and all high in rank or position.

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Trivia on Battlestar Galactica And Star Trek Voyager

Ronal D. Moore who created Battlestar Galactica, also wrote for Star Trek Voyager. The science fiction shows have a couple of things in common: Battlestar Galactica and Starship Voyager are both lost in space; They both fight against a robot force: the Cylons and the Borg; and Captain Kathryn Janeway and President Laura Roslin are both powerful wise older women who lead their people back to a old or new home.

Gwyneth Horder-Payton Interview

Here is a recording of an interview I did with television producer and director Gwyneth Horder-Payton. She just came of executive producing the television show Tyrant(2010-). Gwyneth has directed television shows like Justified(2010-2015), Once Upon a Time (2011-), Sons of Anarchy(2008-2014), Battlestar Galactica(2004-2009), and The Shield(2002-2008). If you want to know more about the production side of television you should listen to this one. Gwyneth is an engaging intelligent filmmaker.

I recorded this interview over a telephone so please excuse any of the static sounds.  You should still be able to hear Gwyneth clearly.