Mission Statement

“When I’m good I’m very good. But when I’m bad I’m better.”- Mae West

From the 1920’s through the 1970’s Mae West lit up the stage and the silver screen as an actress, screenwriter, playwright and producer. She was one of the most powerful women in Hollywood.I am a lesbian feminist television and film critical studies scholar and women like Mae West, a feminist before the concept even existed, inspire me which is why I named this blog after her. Mae West, however, will not be my main focus.

The Mae blog will analyze, discuss, and suggest television programs and films that feature female characters of all sexualities. I want to inform my readers of lesser-known independent, obscure, and edgy media featuring women characters. Through my analysis and/or discussions I will reveal issues and interesting perspectives surrounding popular media. Some of my posts will be loose analysis and stream of consciousness writing on television programs or films, excerpts of academic papers I have written, facts or information about obscure films or television programs and videos.

In cinema, men are presented as the active agents who are the ones who posses and conquer women. Most of cinema presents everything through the male gaze. This means most mainstream movies are presented from the male point of view, women are seen as sexual objects. Mae West subverts the male gaze through her sexual innuendos targeted toward men who she desires to sleep with or play around with. West, not the men in the films, both writes and acts in films where women are the ones who are the active agents. In these films, it is the woman who decides to sleep with somebody; who is the narrator of the sexual jokes not the butt of them (I will analyze this using Freudian’s theory of jokes, something that will be mentioned in a later post); and the films are seen from her point of view making the men into the sexual objects.

I welcome to this blog women and men of all sexual orientation who love reading about women characters of all sexualities in television and films through the eyes of a film and television feminist lesbian scholar’s eyes.


Mae West once told a bunch of boy scouts that when they turned eighteen to come up and see her. One boy scout asked why he could not come up to her bedroom now.

Hope you enjoy my blog. Please don’t forget to subscribe. Thanks.

-Paloma Bennett

Special thanks to my first sponsor Varda Bar-Kar.

6 thoughts on “Mission Statement

  1. Very interesting! Would love to read your thoughts about Penny on Big Bang Theory and Molly on Mike and Molly.


    • I have not watched Mike and Molly. On a plane, I saw the a couple of episodes of the Big Bang Theory though. I felt that the main female character, who I believe was Penny, was depicted as mostly just pinnacle of these cool geeky characters fantasies who. As a female geek myself I felt like that it was marganzing Penny that she was the only character not interested in anything geeky or nerdy. Especially since all the super developed character were genius geeks.
      From all the trailers I have seen of the recent Big Bang Theory, they seem to have fixed this mistake with a main character whose female and into geeky things like comics and video games.


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