Trivia on Battlestar Galactica And Star Trek Voyager

Ronal D. Moore who created Battlestar Galactica, also wrote for Star Trek Voyager. The science fiction shows have a couple of things in common: Battlestar Galactica and Starship Voyager are both lost in space; They both fight against a robot force: the Cylons and the Borg; and Captain Kathryn Janeway and President Laura Roslin are both powerful wise older women who lead their people back to a old or new home.

Vacation Special Trivia: Mary Tyler Moore

In the book Mary and Lou and Rhoda and Ted by Jennifer Keishin Armstrong there is a discussion about what present day television programs are influence by The Mary Tyler Moore Show. The list includes: 30 Rock, Grey’s Anatomy, Ugly Betty, Parks and Recreation, New Girl, Nurse Jackie, and Girls. The Mary Tyler Moore Show was the first show about a funny indpendent working woman making her way. We have that show to thank for many of our comedies. While I am away please post your favorite episode of The Mary Tyler Moore Show. Tell us why you like it.

Note: I will post next Monday.