10 Reasons Why Sergeant Catherine Cawood is a Feminist Character

Here are the ten reasons why Sergeant Catherine Cawood from Happy Valley is a feminist character:

1.Sergeant Catherine Cawood is police community officer for the West Yorkshire Police Department in charge of a lot of young uniformed officers who do work like arresting drug dealers or addicts who are endangering themselves or others.

2. Cawood used to be a detective, but became a police officer again because Catherine raises her young grandson Ryan with help from her younger sister Clare. Catherine loves her grandson alot even though she struggles with the fact that he was born because her daughter Becky was raped by Tommy Lee Royce. The young woman committed suicide because she could not deal with the six weeks old Ryan along with the memory of the attack.

3. Sergeant Cawood loves telling funny stories about the different arrests she makes, but can be as tough as nails to criminals who give her any sort of trouble. If a drug dealer or thief act up or speak out of turn, then Catherine will throw the full force of her attitude and the law upon them.

4. Catherine lost her marriage because of the deep depression that she fell into after Becky died.  Also, her husband could not deal with having Ryan in the house.The Sergeant is very patient, but stern with Ryan who acts physically up in class out of frustration because of his dyslexia.

5. Cawood’s sense of humor, hard work and loyalty has earned the respect and friendship of most of the people who work with her. Though if Catherine does not think a superior is working a case correctly or through enough she can be a bit rude to them.

6. Catherine sometimes sleeps with her ex-husband Richard who has re-married a much younger woman. Cawood sometimes feels lonely with no romantic companionship.

7. Cawood’s son Daniel stopped talking to her for a long time because when Catherine was struggling she said she wished he had died instead of Becky. Though now the son feels comfortable enough stay with her, Clare and Ryan because his marriage fell apart.

8. Catherine protected her neighbor Winnie and a ex-human trafficking survivor by sleeping right outside her home with a cricket bat.

9. Sergeant Cawood with the help of her sister Clare rescued Ryan from his biological father who tried to light himself and his “son” on fire. Catherine beat the rapist up, but spried Tommy with a fire  extinguisher so he couldn’t hurt himself. She refused to kill Royce because he wanted to die.

10. Catherine won the Queen’s police medal for bravery.

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