10 Reasons Why Vanessa Ives is a Feminist Character

Here are the ten reasons why Vanessa Ives from Penny Dreadful (2014-) is a feminist character:

  1. Vanessa Ives can connect with spirits who speak through her or give her metaphorical visions. She is a medium.
  2. Ives gave up much of her life to rescue her dear childhood friend Mina Murray from Dracula.
  3. Vanessa slept with Mina’s fiance because she wanted to rescue her friend from losing her identity, but also of the evilness brewing under her devote catholicism.
  4. Ms. Vanessa Ives has internally battled demons who have tried to take over her soul and body. These “battles” leave Vanessa convulsing in pain and saying things that hurt those she loves.
  5. Vanessa Ives is a Catholic heiress who lives with a sort of father figure Sir Malcolm Murray who the medium will do anything for. Ms. Ives doesn’t think much of Murray at times because when she was a little girl she caught Malcolm sleeping with her mother. Also, Sir Murray hated her for the longest time for her one sinful night with his daughter’s fiance even though it  caused the demons to try to take her over.
  6. Joan Clayton a cult-wife trained Vanessa Ives on the spells she can cast to protect herself from the daywalkers a.k.a. witches.
  7. In control, Vanessa appears very lady like and restrained like the typical Victorian woman, but when the darkness creeps in she becomes an openly sexual creature.
  8. Vanessa  Ives can be a very compassionate woman even though she appears cold. While Ms. Ives volunteered at the Cholera hospital, she befriends Dr. Fraknestein’s creature John Clare even though everybody else was disgusted by his scars. Vanessa taught Clare to dance and discussed their love of poetry.
  9. When Vanessa was a child she feared dolls because  of their ears that were always staring, but Ives still played with them so not to appear unnatural.
  10. Vanessa Ives loves dancing but finds balls and other high-class events tedious.

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