Feminist Wishes for Characters In The New Star Trek Series

For those of my  readers who don’t know there going to be a new Star Trek series, I personally hope that its in the Star Trek: Original Series, Star Trek: Next Generation, Star Trek Voyager, Star Trek: Deep Space Nine and  Star Enterprise universe. I wouldn’t mind if it existed in any time in this universe including during the original Star Trek series.

Here are some of the female characters that I would like to see come back. I would’t mind if there were new actresses in the roles especially if they are younger or much older versions of themselves. The television Star Trek universe is so interconnected, characters from multiple series could be placed in the same show and work perfectly together:

  1. Counselor Deanna Troi (Marina Sirtis) from Star Trek: Next Generation could be a great character in the update universe if the series decides to explore the time when she is studying psychology on Betazoid while in a romantic relationship with a younger Will Riker during his first posting in Starfleet.
  2. Dr Beverly Crusher (Gates McFadden) from Star Trek: Next Generation during her early years in Starfleet going on adventures with a young Picard and her late husband Jack Crusher could be part of an adventurous series during a time in the Federation that nobody has explored on screen yet.
  3. Namoi Wildman (Scarlett Pomers) from Star Trek: Voyager was a young girl wanting to be the Captain’s Assistant last time we saw her. I think exploring the world of the children from the Star Trek series when their all grown up serving in Starfleet could be a fun way of re-entering the proper world of Star Trek in way that could show a more modern Starfleet, but not interfere with the history of whats been shown on screen.
  4.  In the same vain of the young Miss Wildman, Miral Paris the quarter Klingon daughter of Lt. Thomas Paris and Lt. B’Elanna Torres who that last time we saw her was just being born on Voyager could be a vital part of the “all grown up” Star Trek series.
  5. Captain Kathryn Janeway (Kate Mulgrew) as a young Science Officer in a Star Trek series about the Starship Captains before they took the chair could really explore what in their careers made them ready to act as generals, ambassadors, explorers and be the emotional support of a whole crew.
  6. Major Kira Nerys (Nana Visitor) during the years she was in charge of the space base Deep Space Nine could be a way to have another female captain, but also have other Starfleet personal from the past and future come into the series seamlessly.
  7. For Lt Commander Jadzia Dax (Terry Farrell) the new series could re-write part of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine,  so she is still alive and serving as a Captain or Admiral in Starfleet. Hopefully Terry Farrell could pay Dax again so the fans have the whole experience of one of the best characters in Star Trek: Deep Space Nine.
  8. Commander T’Pol (Jolene Balock) from Star Trek: Enterprise could be the perfect first Vulcan Female Captain to be featured as one of the main characters. Vulcans live a long time and age differently than humans, so T’Pol could be placed anywhere between the prequel Star Trek: Enterprise and the original Star Trek series.

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If you want to see this list with pictures and links to the actresses IMBD pages go to this link: http://www.imdb.com/list/ls033228309/

10 Reasons Why Delphine Cormier is a Feminist Character

Here are the ten reasons why Delphine Cormier from Orphan Black  is a feminist character:

  1. Delphine Cormier starts of as an observer, pretending to be a PhD student, studying Cosim, but ends up falling in love with her and realizing how immoral the Dyad Institute is so starts helping the clones figure out the truth behind their existence.
  2. Dr Delphine Cormier has a PhD in Immunology. She’s a French scientist who starts of a research associate for Dr Leekie at the Dyad, then ends up running the institute after Sarah takes out Rachel’s eye.
  3. Cormier used to believe she was heterosexual, but felt comfortable exploring her romantic attraction with Cosima because as a scientist she realizes that sexuality is fluid.
  4. Delphine loves her girlfriend Cosima deeply enough that she will do anything to fix the  fatal disease that she coded in her DNA. She willing lies to girlfriend to get her to have the proper treatment. For example, when Delphine doesn’t tell Niehaus that the stem cell she gives her are from Kira.
  5. Doctor Cormier kept her promise to Cosima to love all the clones equally meaning never sacrificing them for Niehaus by breaking up with the love of her life, so she could objectively help all of them.
  6. Delphine assistances Cosima with setting up a deal so they receive all the aid she needs to find the cure for the genetic diseases at a lab at Dyad, but never let anything slip that would endanger her “sisters”.
  7. Delphine Cormier speaks in a mixture of english and french especially with Cosima.
  8. Delphine has a charming sweet personality, but can be very cold and tough when needed. For example, when she threatens to make it look like Shay committed suicide when the French scientist thinks that Cosima’s new girlfriend betrayed the clones.
  9. Delphine and Cosima Niehaus uncover the portion of the clone’s genome that show that the Dyad has patented everything bout their DNA.
  10. When Dr Delphine Cormier was sent of to Germany by Rachel, she sent out one last clue to help Cosima and the rest of the clones. She could be killed by agents of Dyad, but she only cares about the welfare of her girlfriend and her family.

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10 Reasons Why Carmilla is a Feminist Web Series

Today I’m going list the ten reasons  the Canadian web series Carmilla is feminist:

  1. After Laura Hollis’ roommate  Betty goes missing, the freshmen Journalist student started a personal blog to catalogue her own investigation.  Laura refused to the let the Dean cover up the missing students and started a scooby gang to help her out.
  2. Laura grew up with her very protective single Dad who insisted that she learned Krav Maga so she could defend herself.
  3. Laura Hollis is a geeky young woman who proudly shows off her knowledge and love of media like Harry Potter, Doctor Who and Buffy the Vampire Slayer. 
  4. Hollis falls in love with her vampire roommate Carmilla Karnstein who she inspires to stop her human sacrificing “Mother” the Dean from feeding the school to a demonic angler fish god.
  5. Laura Hollis has a major sweet tooth, which causes to snack on sugary goodness when stressed because of finals or vampires killing young students on campus.
  6. Carmilla Karnsetin is  a vampire from 1680 Styria who will always be eighteen. Carmilla used to freely help her “Mother” find young women for the angler fish god cult, but one day she fell in love with Ell who she tried to protect. Camilla was then locked up in a coffin until World War Two. After decades of tricking young girl at Silas University and being a slacker who doesn’t care, Karnstein  started to date Laura. Carmilla became a hero who used her ability to turn into a giant black cat to save the day multiple times.
  7. Carmilla is sarcastic and stubborn and is forever studying philosophy. The vampire also has powers of super strength and speed, which she refuses to use to clean her room.
  8. Danny Lawrence is a third year English Literature Silas student. Her athleticism led her to be the President of the Summer Society, which is a sorority like organization that puts on fake hunts. Danny is protective and loyal to the people she cares about like Laura Hollis. They don’t end up dating because Lawrence’s overprotective nature leads Laura to feel like the third year doesn’t trust her intelligence or capabilities.
  9. In Season Two, Hollis founds the Silas News Network to report on the fact that Matska Belmonde a.k.a. Mattie and the Silas Board of Governors are trying to sell the student body into some kind of slavery.
  10. Even after Carmilla and Laura break up, the Journalist student still protects Karenstein and Mattie from the Vampire Hunters on campus by hiding them under the floor boards.

10 Ways that The X Files Miniseries is Feminist

Here are the ten ways that The X Files miniseries a.k.a. Season Ten is feminist. Warning there are major spoilers for anybody who has not watched all six episodes:

  1. Doctor Dana Scully has an established respected career at the Catholic hospital Our Lady of Sorrow where she helps operate on children born with no ears.
  2. Agent Dana Scully figures out the animal control worker Pasha is the serial killer on her own with almost no help from Mulder. Scully even arrests the serial killer with no back up and a quip to Fox Mulder about being immortal.
  3. Scully has her own emotional  plot line that goes through all six episodes surrounding the adoption of their son William. Dana starts of wondering if her pregnancy with her son was an attempt to create a powerful human-alien hybrid to coming to terms with  the fact that giving William up was the right parental choice. Then at the very end, Agent Scully has an excuse to find her son so his alien stem cells can cure Mulder.
  4. Dana remains a critical believer of the paranormal/alien phenomena who needs proof to accept things as fact. For example, Scully doesn’t see any credence to Tad O’Mally’s theory that the government are changing women’s DNA to include alien aspects after they implant embryos  until she finds proof in her and Sveta’s blood.
  5. Agent Scully uses science and testimony from a trusted friend Monica to figure out how the government used DNA to protect a chosen few and kill billions with vaccinations that are supposed to keep them from becoming sick.
  6. Agent Dana Scully with the help of Agent Einstein finds the cure for the Trojan Virus using the alien part of Scully’s DNA to create a vaccination.
  7. Doctor Dana Scully can be a tough bad ass FBI Agent, but is still able to open up emotionally to those she trusts like Mulder. Dana lets her best friend and ex-husband comfort her after her mother Margaret dies.
  8. Margaret Scully who has always given sage advice to Mulder and Scully does so one last time. With her last breath the mother tells Dana and Fox that they need to make sure William is okay, but to accept that giving their son up was needed to protect him.
  9. Agent Einstein is a medical doctor like Agent Scully, but back when she was a non-believer.
  10. Agent Scully helps ignite Mulder’s passion about the “monster” cases again by reenacting his role of introducing the case of the Were-Lizard, then listening to of all of his crazy theories.

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10 Reasons Why Lady Rose McClare is a Feminist Character

Here are the ten reasons why Lady Rose McClare from Downton Abbey is a feminist character:

  1. Lady Rose McClare now Rose Aldridge fell in love with the Jewish Atticus Aldridge whose family is new money in the England noble world. Rose never lets prejudices stop her from being happy, which includes getting married to Atticus even though her mother and his father did not approve.
  2. Rose Aldridge is extremely compassionate and kind to everybody. Lady Rose volunteered at the refugee house in Yorkshire for the Russian nobility who had to flee after the Communist takeover.
  3. Lady Rose Aldridge can be quite the rebellious rule breaker like when she first went to London with Lady Edith Crawley and fled to go to a Jazz Bar called the Blue Dragon to party the night away.
  4. Rose has a bubbly sweet personality, which makes her somebody who can easily convince people to do what she wants. For example, Lady Rose Aldridge got Lady Cora Grantham a to allow her to throw a Jazz dancing party for Lord Robert Grantham.
  5. Lady Rose Aldridge once fell in love with a African American band leader named Jack Ross who she was attracted to because he was gallant and charming. She doesn’t allow social morays or racism stop her from romantically  pursuing or befriending anybody.
  6. Rose will do anything to help a friend or right a wrong like when she snuck in with Mary to Terence Sampson’s  hotel room to find a letter that revealed that her friend Freda Dudley Ward was the mistress of the Prince of Wales Edward future King Edward VIII.
  7. Even though Lord Sinderby did everything possible to stop Rose from marrying his son Atticus, she still pretends that her future father-in-law’s mistress Diana Clark is one of her friends to stop any embarrassment or hurt feelings within her new family. This bonds Lady Rose with Lord Sinderby in friendship forever.
  8. Lady Rose Aldridge and Atticus Aldridge move New York always ready for new adventures.
  9. Rose helps reveal to Robert that Cora’s job as the new President of the Cottage Hospital is important by taking him to a meeting that she was running. Lady Rose Aldridge often has great advice and a way of showing her family what is important in life.
  10. Aldridge’s mother Susan tries to control Lady Rose by manipulating events around her or straight out telling her what she thinks is the socially acceptable course of action, but Rose never listens. They have a tough relationship, but Rose doesn’t not let that stop her from being happy.

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