10 Reasons Why SSA Kate Callahan is a Feminist Character

Here are ten reasons why SSA Kate Callahan from Criminal Minds is a feminist character:

  1. SSA Katherine Callahan worked as an undercover FBI agent in the Sex Crimes Unit for eight years. Kate would spend a month solving every case, which would lead to an arrest of a sexual predator.
  2. Kate lost her big sister Liz and brother-in-law in the 911 attack on the Pentagon. She took guardianship of their baby daughter Meg after the attacks who is now thirteen.
  3. Callahan is an expert in manipulating serial offenders because of her beauty, charm and intelligence.
  4. Kate is a clumsy person, but now when she needs to be on alert while after a serial killer.
  5. SSA Callahan owns three personal guns.
  6. Kate loves to sing karaoke at bars, which is where she met a lot of her teammates before she joined the BAU.
  7. Callahan helps capture serial killers because she wants to make the world saver for Meg and her unborn child. Kate taught her adopted daughter how to protect herself if she was every kidnapped by a predator, which sadly came in handy. Meg and her best friend were kidnapped by a serial killer ring.
  8. Cases that have to do with plane crashes are very hard for Kate because of 911, but the SSA keeps strong for the victims and their families. Callahan never lets personal feelings get in way of catching serial killers.
  9. Kate saves J.J. by shooting a serial killer.
  10. Like Garcia Callahan watches videos of cute animals to cheer her up.

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