Special Holocaust Remembrance Day Post

I first want to take a moment to remember the men, women, and children who both survived and died in the Holocaust. As well as the European and American soldiers who fought in World War Two to free Jews, Gays, Gypsies and political dissents from Nazi concentration camps. I am going to list feminist TV shows that in someway demonstrate the horrors of one group keeping people who are different locked up inhumanly though I am no way saying anything of these shows demonstrate the atrocities that happened to the innocent people in those camps. There are still a few survivors of the Holocaust alive and its important that we take this day to remember for them, but also so we continue to be aware of the immoral actions humans can do to other humans:

  1. Battlestar Galactica Season Three Episode 1-4: In the Cylon Occupation of New Caprica, human beings are kept under martial law where anybody who is part of the resistance against the Cylon’s strict horrific rule are put in solitary confinement and eventually executed. Theres a puppet government like in part of France during World War Two. Dr Baltar the elected President of the Twelve Colonies being the ultimate figurehead.
  2. Star Trek: Deep Space Nine Season One – Seven (1993-1999): Before the Federation took over the space station Deep Space Nine, the Cardassians occupied Bajor where they treated the Bajorans like second class citizens in their plant. The Nazi like Cardassians sent Bajorans to their deaths in work camps or into the dangerous mines.
  3. Firefly Season One: The all powerful Alliance sent young geniuses like River to special secret labs to experiment on their brains to make super soldiers. Very much like what Dr. Mengala did to Jewish children and adults who were at all different from the normal human being.
  4. The 100 Season Two: The people in Mount Weather have been draining the blood out of the grounders or making them into mindless killers Reapers for generations to keep themselves alive. The leaders excuse this by making the grounders lesser than them in their minds and like the German people the normal citizens just never talked about the draining.

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