Ten Reasons Why Alicia Florrick is a Complex Female Character

Here are the ten reasons why I believe Alicia Florrick is a complex female character:

  1. Alicia Florrick is a highly principled person though she does at times blur moral rules so she can properly defend her clients at court.
  2. Florrick is an excellent lawyer who can craft law in such a way to keep her client out of jail or have a larger settlement.
  3. Alicia graduated top of her class at Georgetown.
  4. After a few short years back prancing law at Lockhart & Gardner, Alicia Florrick became one of the partners at the firm.
  5. Alicia Florrick is a protective mother of Zach and Grace who does her best juggling home and work life.
  6. Alicia has a knack for comforting and reassuring her clients.
  7. Alicia Florrick is a reserved person who rarely shows her true feelings to anybody, but is super competitive.
  8. Alicia stays married to Peter, so mostly he is able to run for political office. She is a independent person.
  9. Alicia Florrick was close to becoming State’s Attorney. A large scandal ruined her credibility in many fronts and ruined her changes of winning the election. Alicia was forced to open her own one lawyer practice from her living room and be a bond lawyer.
  10. Florrick remains a kind well meaning person even with all the scandals surrounding. Alicia became hardened from practicing law, but never lost her grace or true kindness.

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