Monday Recommendations

Family Centric Dramas

  1. Last Tango in Halifax (2012-)
  2. Parenthood(2010-2015)
  3. Brothers & Sisters(2006-2011)
  4. Blue Bloods(2010)

Feminist Historical Dramas

  1. Tudors(2007-2010)
  2. Vikings(2015-)
  3. Wolf Hall(2015)
  4. North and South(1985)

Special Powers TV Shows

  1. Alphas(2011-2012)
  2. Powers(2015-)
  3. The Flash(2014-)
  4. Sense8(2015-)
  5. Legends of Tomorrow(2016-)

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10 Reasons Why Caroline Dawson is a Feminist Character

Here are the ten reasons why Caroline Dawson from Last Tango in Halifax(2012-) is a feminist character:

  1. Caroline Dawson  comes out of the closet as a Lesbian after being married to man named John for many years and having two teenage sons with him.
  2. Caroline works as a headmistress at the local private high school. She holds a doctorate in something, but that is not discussed on the show.
  3. Dawson has a chemistry degree from Oxford.
  4. Caroline fell in love with a choir and foreign language teacher named Kate McKenzie. They eventually got married and had a daughter named Flora Grace together.
  5. Dawson lost the love of her life Kate McKenzie to a car accident while she was still pregnant. Caroline struggles with raising Flora because she did not really want another child to begin with along with the loss of her recently married wife.
  6. Caroline still speaks to Kate all the time because she can not accept that her wife is really gone.
  7. Dawson’s mother Celia has a difficult time dealing with the her daughter being a Lesbian so they often have terrible arguments. One such shouting match caused the mother to not be a Kate and Caroline’s wedding.
  8. Caroline can be quite career oriented and tough, but she has enough compassion to allow her ex-husband John stay with her while he got back on his feet.
  9. Dawson leans on Flora Grace’s biological father for child support after the nanny is discovered driving drunk with the six weeks old baby.
  10. Caroline Dawson shares a bond with her new step-sister Gillian who is a farmer.

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Jury Duty Quote

I have been on jury duty for the last two days, but the trial just ended an hour ago.  I will go back to my normal posting starting tomorrow. Thank you.


“I thought we were family. You’re a pain in the ass, but you gave a shit about me. I never had that before. Ever.” – Franky Doyle

Monday Recommendations

Feminist Prison Dramas

  1. Wentworth(2013-)
  2. Orange is The New Black(2013)
  3. Prison Break(2005-2009)
  4. Breakout Kings(2011-2012)

British Comedies

  1. The Thick Of It(2002-2012)
  2. W1a(2014-)
  3. Spaced (1999-2001)

Canadian Feminist TV Shows

  1. Lost Girl(2010-2014)
  2. Flashpoint(2008-2012)
  3. Continuum(2012-2015)
  4. Murdoch Mysteries(2008-)

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