10 Reasons Why Captain Sharon Raydor is a Feminist Character

Here are the ten reasons why Captain Sharon Raydor from The Closer(2005-2012) and Major Crimes(2012-) is a feminist character:

  1. Captain Sharon Raydor is head of the elite Major Crimes Division of the Los Angeles Police Department.
  2. Raydor along with the police under her command hunt down enough evidence to force suspects to confess, then if possible plead out so the murders spend many years in prison. Deals are one way that Raydor knows that the criminals will spend time in jail without being able to wiggle out of serving real time.
  3. For a long time, Captain Raydor was the Commanding Officer for the LAPD’s Force Investigation Division, which basically means she catches crooked cops. Sharon wrote most of the laws that F.I.D. operates under.
  4. Sharon is amazing at manipulating Major Crimes’ suspects into confessing by lying about what evidence they actually have or confronting murders with other suspects or family. Raydor sometimes allows suspects some dignity with concessions like  allowing one father to attend his daughter’s wedding, which he paid a lot of money for.
  5. Raydor has earned many awards from the LAPD like the Police Medal for Heroism and Human Relations Medal.
  6. Sharon originally joined the LAPD to pay for her then husband Jack Raydor’s to go to Law School with plans to follow in his footsteps. But after a few years on the job, Captain Raydor realized how much she enjoyed police work.
  7. Raydor can spot very subtle clues like finding a plastic wrapper that was for playing cards allowing the unit to realize that the victims were at a  Poker game.
  8. Sharon took in a homeless “hooker” teenage boy named Rusty Beck who witnessed crime, but had no relatives to live with. Raydor grew to love the boy like a son, which led her to eventually adopt Rusty when he was eighteen years old. The Captain has two biological children named Emily and Ricky who she also deeply loves.
  9.  Back when Captain Raydor was a patrolwoman she was in an officer-inolved  shooting where she was forced to attend counseling and deal with some of her own issues.
  10. Sharon grew to have a close friendship with the older Lieutenant Prozena even though he used to resent her command especially since back when she was a Sergeant the Captain ordered the grumpy cop to sensitivity training.

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