Message to Femslash Shippers

Quick Note: I am part of many femslash fandoms including Clexa, Cophine, Shoot and Doccubus. I have noticed there have been a couple of major “ship wars” between these different Queer pairings, which I think is very unfortunate. If you compare the number of canon heterosexual ships and any that go under the label of Queer (f/f,m/m, lesbian/bisexual woman, gay/bisexual man, etc.), then anybody can see how outnumbered we are. For that reason we must be respectful of all ships that Lesbian and Bisexual women support especially since there are so much intersection between fans.

Fandom is a place to have fun not to try to ruin a ship that somebody loves. Plus I believe there are enough polls to go around so Clexa and Shoot both have chances to win best couple.

Sorry if I sound preachy it just hurts when I see Lebian or/and Bisexual women insult each other over something we are all love.

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