10 Reasons Why Jennifer “JJ” Jareau is a Feminist Character

Here are the ten reasons why SSA Jennifer “JJ” Jareau from Criminal Minds(2005-) is a feminist character:

  1. FBI Agent Jennifer “JJ” Jareau is a profiler for the BAU team where she catches serial killers. JJ used to work on the team as a police and media liaison where she made sure the profiler’s needs and message were understood.
  2. JJ attended Georgetown University where she got inspired to join the FBI from one of her future teammates Rossi’s lectures.
  3. SSA Jareau works as a profiler while her husband ex New Orleans Detective William LaMonagne Jr looks after their two young sons Henry and Michael at home.
  4. For a brief time, JJ worked for the Department of Defense helping track down terrorists in Afghanistan. Jareau was caught in a explosion during that time and lost her baby.
  5. Jennifer rescued her eldest son Henry from a female unsub who was holding him captive at their house. She was able to use her hand to hand fighting skills to get the gun.
  6. JJ struggles with the suicide of her older sister Rosaline back when the agent was only eleven.
  7. Jennifer played soccer in High School expertly enough to earn a sports scholarship to the University of Pittsburgh.
  8. When JJ became pregnant with Henry she played music for him while they were discussing their grisly cases so the baby could not hear it.
  9.  JJ is a fan of the Washington Redskins along with liking Cheetos. She played on-line scrabble with one of her teammates Prentiss when the other agent was in hiding under the screen name “CheetoBreath”.
  10. SSA Jareau is excellent at darts.

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