The Top Eleven Most Diverse Femlash Pairings

Here are the list of the top eleven more diverse femslash pairings. I’m counting diversity as interracial couples, trans, different sexualities (lesbian and bisexual), and if any have mental disorders:

  1. Bo/Lauren a.k.a. Doccubus (Lost Girl,2010-2015): bisexual/lesbian 
  2. Nomi/Amanita(Sense8,20150): interracial couple and trans woman
  3. Root/Shaw a.k.a. Shoot (Person of Interest,2011-2016): interracial couple and one has a personality disorder 
  4. Callie/Arizona a.k.a. Calzona(Grey’s Anatomy,2005-): bisexual/lesbian and interracial couple
  5. Shane/Carmen(The L Word, 2004-2009): interracial couple
  6. Bette/Tina(The L Word,2004-2009): interracial couple
  7. Alice/Tasha(The L Word, 2o04-2009): interracial couple and bisexual/lesbian
  8. Emily/Paige a.k.a. Paily (Pretty Little Liars,2015-): interracial couple
  9. Santana/Brittany a.k.a. Brittana (Glee,2009-2015): interracial couple, one who may have some sort of mental disorder and bisexual/lesbian
  10. Clarke/Lexa a.k.a. Clex(The 100,2014): bisexual/lesbian
  11. Sara/Nyssa a.k.a. Nyssara(Arrow,2012): interracial couple and bisexual/lesbian

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