10 Reasons Why Kate Reed is a Feminist Charcter

Here are the ten reasons why Kate Reed from Fairly Legal(2011-2012) is a feminist character:

  1. Kate Reed used to be a practicing lawyer, but now works as mediator meaning that she tries to find the middle ground between two or more complaining parties instead of going to court. After five years of being a lawyer, Kate figured out that she hated the law because of its rigid nature and that at least one person ends up a loser.
  2. Reed hates conflict in her actual life even though she handles it with grace in her mediations, which is why you often see her running away from meetings with her dead father’s wife Lauren Reed. Lauren is a control freak and only a few years older than her.
  3. Kate is one of the three name partners at the law firm Reed & Reed.
  4. Reed has a complex on and off again relationship with her ex-husband  ADA Justin Patrick who she often works with and sleeps with. The two lawyer share a lot of love, but have very divergent views on the justice system.
  5. Kate Reed contains a lot of compassion for her clients leading her to do crazy things for them like break into a major tech company to steal private property to allow a genius to whistle blow.
  6. Reed really struggles with her Dad Teddy Reed’s  death since she wants to please him, but Kate leaving the law really broke his heart.
  7. Kate lost her mother to cancer when she was a little girl. Reed and her older brother Spence felt like they lost their Dad as teenagers when Reed & Reed took off.
  8. Kate Reed was sent to the private school Burgess Hall when Teddy Reed became wealthy where she felt like an outsider because she didn’t care about money or fancy clothes like the other girls.
  9. For about a year after Teddy’s death, Kate Reed lived on his boat where she was quite happy. She only left because the yacht blew up.
  10. Kate lives in San Francisco where she zips around towns in taxis or other people’s cars because she doesn’t drive and is always being sent somewhere else.

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