10 Reasons Why Dani Reese is a Feminist Character

Here are the ten reasons why Dani Reese from Life(2007-200) is a feminist character:

  1. Detective Dani Reese is second generation LAPD. Her father Captain Jack Reese is retired, but still has deep connections in the department.
  2. Jack Reese continues to be at least emotionally abusive toward Dani and her mother. He didn’t let Detective Reese and her mother speak Farsi when he was around.
  3. Reese is half Iranian and a homicide detective partnered with Detective Charlie Crews who was wrongly imprisoned for twelve years for killing his best friends.
  4. Dani used to be in Narcotics where she was one of the only women to work undercover in Los Angeles drug world. Reese proved to be a great cop who could merge into that seedy world, but maybe a little too much since she became addicted to drugs.
  5. Detective Reese’s mentor is her former Captain Karen Davis who used to be her father’s partner. Davis knows a whole much nicer side of Jack Reese.
  6. Dani remains extremely loyal to her partner Crews even though he annoys her with his Zen phrases and love of fruit. Reese tried to cover for Charlie when he drew out a switch blade instead of his service weapon ( a gun).
  7. Reese is a stickler to the rules of policing, but is willing to bend them because Detective Crews’ unusual tactics often solves murders.
  8. Dani Reese works out a lot by running and lifting weights because of her the rage she has against her father and everything that happened around her drug addiction when she was undercover.
  9. Reese saved her partner from a grieving drunk murder suspect by tazering the pool that Crews was pulled into by the groom.
  10. Detective Dani Reese has a lot of one-liners that she uses with Charlie when they are interviewing a suspect. Reese can appear very tough and stoic, but is very protective of Crews.

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