10 Reasons Why Joss Carter is a Feminist Character

Here are the ten reasons why Joss  Carter from Person of Interest is a feminist character:

  1.  Jocelyn a.k.a. Joss Carter is a NYPD Police Detective who helps Team Machine save people.
  2. Joss served in the U.S. Army first as a Warrant Officer in an air base in Afghanistan, then in Iraq where she worked as a top interrogator.
  3. Carter earned a Purple Heart in 2oo4.
  4. Detective Carter could of been a lawyer, but decided to stick to being in the NYPD after passing the bar.
  5. Joss is a single mother of a teenage son named Taylor.
  6. Joss Carter went to Middleton University.
  7. Detective Carter died after taking down HR, which is an organization full of corrupt cops like Simmons.
  8. HR framed Joss so the rest of her department thought she had shot a unarmed criminal, which got her demoted to being a police officer. Carter was able to clear her name and reveal all the corrupt cops.
  9. Joss Carter refused to let her ex-husband Paul see Taylor until he got counseling for his PTSD. She was forced to pull a gun on her ex after he tried to hang out with their son.
  10. Carter figured out for herself that Finch and Reese were working with a super computer a.k.a. AI who were giving them social security numbers of potential victims or criminals.

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