10 Reasons Why Root is a Feminist Character

Here are the ten reasons why Root from Person of Interest is a feminist character:

  1. Root a.k.a. Samantha Groves is both a lesbian computer hacker and contract killer based out of New York City.
  2. Root is the only person on the team who can directly speak with “The Machine” an intelligent A.I. who sends her out on special missions all over the world.
  3. Groves loves Sameen Shaw and spent many months trying to track her down when the evil A.I. Samaritan kidnapped her.
  4. Root lost her mother who taught her about computers in 2002. Samantha Groves has a hard time relating to normal human beings.
  5. Root can easily shoot or torture people for a greater cause like helping The Machine save the world, but doesn’t like it.
  6. When Samaritan came online she was the only person on Team “Machine” who got to change identities instead of being stuck living a double life like Finch who had to be a professor and save people.
  7. Control deafened Root in one ear, but a cochlear implant allows her to hear and speak directly to The Machine at all times.
  8. Root is excellent at counter-survelliance and blending into different identities like French nanny or reporter.
  9. When Groves was a teenager she mastered the computer game “The Oregon Trail”.
  10. Like Shaw, Root is a skilled marksman though she was never trained in the army.

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