10 Reasons Why Sameen Shaw is a Feminist Character

Here are the ten reasons why Sameen Shaw from Person Of Interest(2011-2016) is a feminist character:

1. Sameen Shaw is technically a sociopath, but still loves Root a.k.a. Samantha Groves who she is willing to kill herself for. Shaw almost shot herself in the head because the bisexual operative thought perhaps Samaritan could force her to hurt Root. Plus Shaw could not tell if she was in another simulation where The Machine’s evil twin forced her to kill all her friends.

2. Shaw joined the U.S. Marines where she found that she was good at killing people because she was forced out of being a emergency hospital doctor. Sameen’s boss said that she could not be a good doctor because all she cared about was skill not saving lives.

3. Sameen used to be an operative for a secret U.S. military branch called ISA where her codename was Indigo Five Alpha. An  A.I. called “The Machine” who Shaw thought was a department called Research handed out names from the “relevant list”, which were usually terrorists or mobsters that she has to assassinate.

4. Shaw now helps innocents in trouble with “The Machine”, Finch, Root and Reese using talents that she honed with the Marines and ISA. Instead of killing the bad guys, Sam shoots them in the arms or legs because the group doesn’t approve of murdering anybody.

5. Sameen Shaw’s father died in an automobile accident right in front of her when the agent was a child. The part Iranian girl shocked the paramedics because she showed no emotions about her Dad’s death.

6. Shaw’s skills include: amazing markenship to the point that she can shoot a man in the arm through a wall using a sniper rifle; can bring down men twice her size using Krav Maga and other hand to hand combat training; a high pain tolerance making torture pointless; and medical training to the point Sameen can remove bullets from herself.

7. Sameen can speak German, Farsi and Spanish.

8. Shaw has a tattoo of the U.S. Marines Medical Corps symbol on her arm.

9. Sameen Shaw loves Reese’s military trained dog named Bear who she takes as her own after the rest of the group is dead.

10. Shaw stores a lot of her guns in her fridge.

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