10 Reasons Why Poussey Washington is a Feminist Character

Here are the ten reasons why Poussey Washington from Orange is the New Black is a feminist character:

  1. Poussey Washington was mostly raised by a single father who was a major in the United States Military. Though as a little girl Washington was very close to her mother who read her bedtime stories. She traveled all over the world as a military brat.
  2. Poussey is fluent in German because one of her father’s last stationed was in Hohenfels where she fell in love with Franzi who was the daughter of a German commander.
  3. Washington is a lesbian who loves to make jokes with her friends like Taystee. Poussey and her friend once did a skit where they pretended to be white politicians that was quite amusing.
  4. Poussey Washington works at the library in the Litchfield Prison.
  5. Washington makes toilet hooch that is the best in the prison though she refuses to charge money for it.
  6. Poussey got depressed in Litchfield because she didn’t have any romantic companionship, which led her to become an alcoholic.
  7. Washington fell in love with Soso another prisoner who she nursed back to health after she overdosed on antihistamines. She and the other African American prisoners accepted Soso who was mixed (Asian American and White) so had a hard time fitting in.
  8. The army brat was killed by a guard because she was trying to protect  Susanna a.k.a. Crazy Eyes from being taken to psych. Poussey is a kind soul who doesn’t like when the innocent are being picked on.
  9. Poussey is a big fan of Judy King whose the Southern Martha Stewart. After years of watching King’s television shows, she bonds with the chef in prison. Washington felt hope for a good life right before she was killed because King offered her as a job working in a kitchen as a cook.
  10. The army brat and Soso made plans to live together after jail living in Tahiti.

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