10 Reasons Why Alex Vause is a Feminist Character

Here are the ten reasons why Alex Vause from Orange is the New Black is a feminist character:

  1. Alex Vause is a lesbian from a working single parent home.
  2. Alex used to run a ring of wealthy young woman who acted as drug and money mules for a drug cartel ran by Kubra Balik. Vause traveled all over the world because of her success in manipulating people and getting drugs over international boarders.
  3. Vause fell in love with Piper Chapman and took the younger woman all over the globe with her. Alex fell apart when Piper left her even though Vause’ mother just died. The drug smuggler became addicted to heroin because Vause fell in a deep depression after losing her mother who she was close to plus the lover of her life Chapman.
  4. Alex rated on Piper after she was arrested by the police for heroin trafficking for many reasons including a lighter sentence and that fact the drug smuggler was mad that her girlfriend left after hearing her Mom died of a brain aneurysm.
  5. Vause can be super sarcastic and tough, but super cuddly to the people she “hearts” like her best friend Nicky and off/on again girlfriend Piper.
  6. In Litchfield prison, Alexander has worked both in laundry and groundskeeping.
  7. Vause was able to forgive Piper for telling the police that she had a gun while on probation from Litchfield. Chapman felt very lonely without Alex.
  8. Alex has many tattoos including a salt shaker and a big red rose.
  9. Alexander met her father who is a washed out rockstar who only cared about getting high, which is how Vause found a new family with the cartel run by Kubra.
  10. Vause was almost killed by a prison guard Aydin who Kubra sent to kill her for being a witness against the prison kingpin. Lolly another inmate murdered him with her feet. They hid the body in the garden. Alex is being eaten up by guilt over the cover up of Aydin’s death.

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