10 Reasons Why Cassie Blake is a Feminist Character

Here are the ten reasons why Cassie Blake from The Secret Circle(2011-2012) is a feminist character:

  1. Cassie is teenage witch whose part of the Chance Harbor Circle meaning her magic is linked to others in the circle.
  2. Blake has more power than the other witches in her circle because of the black magic passed down to her from John Blackwell. Cassie and her half-sister Diana Meade are the only ones in the Chance Harbor Circle who can perform magic without others in the circle.
  3. Cassie Blake only found out about her magical powers because her mother Amelia was killed in an accident so she had to live with her grandmother Jane in Chance Harbor, Washington. Since moving to the seaside town led her to meet Diana, Adam and the others. Before that the teenage witch knew nothing about circles or spells.
  4. Cassie Blake is part of one of the six bloodlines that come from the Salem Witch Families, which are needed to create a full circle that can perform spells.
  5. The witch along with her sister Diana was able to kill her father John Blackwell using the Crystal Skull to save the rest of their circle (Adam,Faye, Jake and Melissa).
  6. Cassie has protected her Circle many times from Witch Hunters by using her dark magic. For example, reversing the effects of a Witch Cruid created by Lucke causing him to be lit on fire. The Witch Hunter had been planning on killing Diana.
  7. Blake was even too powerful to be buried alive by a senior witch Kate Meade whose ritual failed because of the Blackwell blood.
  8. Cassie Blake has the power of telepathy, pyrokinesis, conjuration, elemental control, spell casting and telekinesis.
  9. Blake gave up her boyfriend Adam Conant because of a curse on their families that almost killed fellow Circle member Jake Armstrong. Adam doesn’t remember loving Cassie, but the dark magic means that the young witch still cares deeply for him.
  10. Cassie is a deeply independent person, but being part of the Chance Harbor Circle causes her to have to accept help from other witches. For example needing all their help when the witch hunter Eben kidnapped her.

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