10 Reasons Why Emily Thorne is a Feminist Character

Here are the ten reasons why Emily Thorne from Revenge(2011-2015) is a feminist character:

  1. Emily Thorne’s real name is Amanda Clarke, but took on an alias so she avenge her father who the Grayson family framed for a crime they committed.For the longest time Emily believed her Dad died because of Conrad Grayson, but it turns out David Clarke was alive the whole time.
  2. When Amanda Clarke was a child she was sent to a mental hospital by Victoria Grayson and only released when she believed her Dad was a criminal. Until Amanda was eighteen years old she spent her life in and out of foster homes, then locked up in maximum security juvenile correctional facility for a fire she did not cause.
  3. Emily Thorne learned the truth about her father when her future best friend the bisexual Nolan Ross gave her the infinity box full of David Clarke’s journals highlighting the cover up.
  4. Emily trained under Sensei Satoshi Takeda on the different ways of taking revenge in Japan where a cover story for her was created. The rest of the world thought Thorne was traveling the world with the inheritance she got from her wealthy American father.
  5. Thorne uses her beauty and charms to achieve her goals, but in reality is an extremely guarded person. Emily can seem like a cold heartless person at times because the horrors of her childhood and training. Before her Dad was in jail, Clarke was a sweet open little girl. The real Amanda really only lets Nolan Ross, her dead fiance Aiden Mathis and husband Jack Porter see her soft thoughtful side.
  6. Emily Thorne reveals her high intelligence with her elaborate plan that led to the Graysons losing all their wealth and Victoria Grayson brinh locked up in a mental hospital. She has always been able to read people and situations.
  7. Amanda Clarke speaks fluent French and Japanese.
  8. Emily is proficient in martial arts and shooting guns.
  9. Thorne was shot in the stomach by Daniel Grayson her ex-fiance so she can no longer have any children of her own.
  10. Emily uses her best friend Nolan as tech support on her missions since he is a computer genius. Ross also helps Thornes keep tethered to reality so she never kills anybody or puts herself in impossible danger.

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