10 Reasons Why Odelle Ballard is a Feminist Character

Here are the ten reasons why Odelle Ballard from American Odyssey(2015) is a feminist character:

  1. Sergeant First Class Odelle Ballard is part of the American Special Forces. Odelle was the only woman in her unit that is part of the Joint Special Operations Command.
  2. Ballard is married to Ron Ballard with a twelve year old daughter named Suzzane who she reads Harry Potter with.
  3. Odelle was stationed in Mali before her unit was attacked by drones.
  4. Odelle Ballard refused to give a flash drive full of encrypted information that linked the U.S company  Societel to terrorists to a OSELA mercenary because she rightly didn’t trust them. This act of defiance led Sergeant Ballard’s unit to be killed and made her a fugitive.
  5. Sergeant Ballard bonded with a Malian fourteen year old boy named Aslam who helped her escape OSELA. At the end of the series, Odelle grows to love Aslam like a son.
  6. Odelle has American Special Forces training so she’s an expert in guns, hand to hand combat, torture and evading detection.
  7. Ballard executes the main OSELA mercenary Majors for killing her unit and all the people who tried to help her including Aslam’s uncle.
  8. Odelle saves a teenage Lybian girl who Aslam has a crush on revealing herself to the world after Luc a French drug dealer faked her death.
  9. Sergeant Ballard tells the New York Times journalist Isabel Rainey about everything that happened to her even though her former boss Colonel Glen threatened to label the soldier a traitor if she did so. Odelle refuses to allow Societel, OSELA or the U.S. Army to get away with what they did to her unit.
  10. Odelle Ballard shows how much she cares about her family and Aslam by making arrangements for them to be safe before going of to Washington D.C. to confront the United States military.

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