My 10 Favorite Political Feminist Characters

In honor of today being the California primary, I’m going to list my top ten favorite female politician characters on television who are mostly from the United States expect for one in the U.K.:

  1. Elizabeth McCord (Madam Secretary) is running for Vice President with President Dalton.
  2. President Mackenzie Allen (Commander in Chief) took office after the former President died.
  3. Congresswoman Andrea Wyatt (The West Wing)  works with the Barlet White House from time to time since she used to be married to a senior advisor Toby Ziegler.
  4. Secretary Elaine Barrish (Political Animals) is a former First Lady who lost her presidential bid in the last election.
  5. Senator Mellie Grant (Scandal) used to be the First Lady of the United States before her divorce.
  6. Claire Underwood (House of Cards) manipulated herself onto her husband President Underwood’s ticket as the Vice President.
  7. Congresswoman Jackie Sharp (House of Cards) was the Deputy Minority Whip until she revealed her part in President Francis Underwood’s scandal.
  8. The end of Parks and Recreation implies that Leslie Knope will become the Governor of Indiana and the President of the United States in the future.
  9. President Laura Roslin (Battlestar Galactica) of the twelve colonies held the elected office until she died.
  10. Prime Minister Harriet Jones (Doctor Who) died protecting the world from the Daleks.

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