10 Reasons Why Fish Mooney is a Feminist Character

Here are the ten reasons why the mob underboss Fish Mooney is a feminist character:

  1. Maria Mercedes “Fish” Mooney used to be a underboss for the Falcone Crime Family. The only woman to be invited to  Don Carmine Falcone’s table.
  2. Fish ran the successful Mooney’s Nightclub, which is used to trade information with cops and plot the downfall of the Don. Mooney didn’t want to live under any man’s thumb ever again.
  3. Mooney grew up in a one bedroom home with a prostitute mother who was killed in front of her by one of Falcone’s men. She spent the rest of her childhood being “raised” by Carmine Falcone. Fish refused to allow a man to make her powerless ever again after that night.
  4. Fish always has the upperhand sexually and mostly sleeps with young men who work for her. Mooney doesn’t do relationships.
  5. After being revived from the dead, Fish Mooney now has the ability to make people do what she says if the criminal mastermind touches them.
  6. When Fish is captured by the Dollmaker, then locked up in a basement with his other captors she takes control of the situation by stabbing the man in charge with knife in the eye. She becomes in charge of the basement people in one day by killing the only man with a weapon. In any situation Mooney always raises to the top because of her domineering manipulative personality.
  7. Fish Mooney trains a singer named Liza to seduce Flacone by becoming like his dead mother as part of the plane to force Carmine to step down as Don. She forced Liza to beat a girl to death to get the role of a lifetime by promising the young woman control over her own life.
  8. Cobblepot, Mooney’s old umbrella man tried to kill her after she found out that he might of been speaking to the cops, but instead Fish beat Penguin so hard with a stick he now has a limp.
  9. Fish Mooney has inspired great loyalty from her right hand man Butch.
  10. Mooney inducted Selina Kyle into her gang because she respects intelligent tough women.

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