10 Reasons Why Barbara Kean is a Feminist Character

Here are the ten reasons why Barbara Kean from Gotham is a feminist character. Barbara may be psychotic, but she’s a complex character :

  1. Barbara Kean used to own an art gallery.
  2. Barbara is a bisexual woman who has dated two cops Jim Gordon and Renee Montoya.
  3. Kean wrestles with addiction to pills and booze because of the emotional abuse her wealthy parents inflicted on her.
  4. Barbara lets street kids Selina Kyle and Ivy Pepper stay at her penthouse apartment for as long as they liked. Kean even gave the girls clothing from her closet.
  5. The serial killer the Ogre kidnaps and tortures Kean eventually breaking her mind. He forces Barbara to kill her parents.
  6. After trying to kill Lee Thompkins, Ms. Kean gets committed to the Arkham Asylum where she uses her sexuality to procure protection.
  7. Leslie becomes sexually interested in the torturer Tabitha Galavan and one of the people who kidnapped her from Arkham Asylum. The two women whip Mayor Audrey James together for fun.
  8. Barbara Kean becomes bored when the Galavan’s don’t let her out of their penthouse. Eventually, Theo Galavan allows her to distract Jim Gordon by taking him hostage in the church where they were supposed to get married. Barbara wanted revenge on Jim for falling in love with Lee.
  9. Kean left Jim Gordon originally because he could not be her emotional support after she was abducted by the Falcone Family.
  10. Before Barbara’s psychotic break, Kean was a kind supportive person who tried to be there for Jim. Maybe the psychopath let herself fall down several floors of building because she hated what she became.

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