10 Reasons Why Dr Leslie Thompkins is a Feminist Character

Here are the ten reasons why I think Dr. Leslie Thompkins from Gotham is a feminist character:

  1. Dr Leslie “Lee” Thompkins was in charge of the medical needs of the female inmates in the Arkham Asylum. Lee  sometimes volunteered to help out in the male ward, which is how she met Detective Jim Gordon.
  2. Lee later took over as the M.E. for the Gotham City Police Department. She’s very intelligent and finds interesting clues like how adrenal glands’ only use being the fact that at the moment of death they might be super charged.
  3. Dr Thompkins also acts as a therapist like she did for Barbara Keane before they all realized that the Ogre broke Gordon’s ex-fiance’s mind.
  4. Lee may not be a police officer or gangster, but she can defend herself or at least keep her cool during dangerous situations. Leslie barely broke a sweat when Cat pointed a gun at her while they were waiting for Jim to come home. The Doctor was able to knock Barbara down before the psychopath could kill her.
  5. Leslie was so heartbroken over the loss of her unborn child and Gordon being locked up that she left Gotham.
  6. Lee knows all of Jim Gordon’s darkest secrets like how he killed a man for Penguin to get back on the force, but she still loves him because he has a good heart.
  7. Dr Thompkins helped Gordon solve the murder of Lila Valeska the snake dancer before she even joined the Police Department. Lee was able to solve a riddle that led the couple to find an axe that eventually led to Jerome Valeska her killer son.
  8. Leslie Thompkins has a strong moral compass that leads her  to host the Children’s Hospital fundraiser. Lee must volunteer at Gotham’s Hospital to be a host of a giant event.
  9. Lee doesn’t let Gordon wallow in the darkness, but still gives the detective space to make his own choices.
  10. Leslie and Jim escaped a mob of Arkham Asylum Inmates together when the patient and nurse Dorothy let all the men out.

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