10 Reasons Why Selina Kyle is a Feminist Character

Here are the ten reasons why Selina Kyle from Gotham(2014-) is a feminist character:

  1. Selina Kyle a.k.a. Cat is a street kid (thief) who grows up to be Catwoman.
  2. Kyle can move around city scape of Gotham without making a sound, which is how she was able to witness the Wayne’s murder.
  3. Selina saves the young Bruce Wayne from all sorts of trouble including pushing Reggie Payne out of a window since he could rat out them out to the wrong people.
  4. Selina Kyle often acts like she only cares about herself, but is very loyal to those she cares about like Ivy Pepper and Bruce Wayne. Kyle took Ivy Pepper to Gordon’s apartment when she found the young girl frozen on the streets. Cat nursed Ivy to health.
  5. Selina can break into secure locations like the Wayne Mansion, so only the people she wants can find her.
  6. Cat jumps off roofs, do acrobatic ,fights, pick pockets and fire guns with a high amount of skill since she has been on the streets since she was a little girl. She helps train Bruce Wayne how to survive in Gotham.
  7. Kyle is one of the toughest people in Gotham city. Selina scratches the eyes out of one of the thugs who try to kidnap her for the Dollmaker. She always narrowly escapes danger because of great stealth capabilities.
  8. Selina often has great one-liners for Gordon or Wayne that masks any sort of emotions she may be having.
  9. Selina Kyle helps Bruce steal keys from Bunderslaw so the young Wayne could figure out what was happening at his family’s company.
  10. Cat’s very clever and knows just how to work people to get what she wants. For example, Selina threatens a cop by saying she will says he touched her if he doesn’t bring the theif to Detective Gordon.

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