10 Feminists Wishes for the CW DC Television Universe’s Next Fall

Since all of the the CW Network’s DC television shows are over for the season, I wanted to explore all of my feminist wishes for their next seasons. Especially with the four way crossover event that the Executives have announced:

  1. I hope that when Felicity Smoak and Oliver Queen get back together they have a true partnership like the tech genius wanted. I hope that Olicity gets married next season, but only if the couple have a respectful, honest and loving relationship. Especially since Felicity broke off the engagement because Oliver didn’t tell her about William. I don’t want the series to erase all of Smoak’s concerns so the couple can be romantically linked again.
  2. DC’s Legends of Tomorrow’s team is very male centric now that Sara Lance is the only woman on board. I hope that the two new passengers on the Waverider are women. We now know that the Justice Society will be part of the universe so I hope Stargirl is one of the new members. I loved Courtney Whitmore a.k.a. Stargirl on Smallville.
  3. I want Iris West to become more of a Lois Lane type to Barry Allan/The Flash’s Superman. I would love to see Iris West become a vital part of taking down the meta-humans, then writing a peabody winning story about it.
  4. Sara Lance should have a girlfriend next season especially since we have already explored her being in a heterosexual one. The White Canary has only really flirted with women, kissed a 1950’s nurse or had some stolen moments with Nyssa her ex-girlfriend on screen (which some of you have reminded me was a semi-toxic love),while we have witnessed a full fledged romance with Oliver Queen. I totally respect that Sara Lance’s attraction to men does not take away from her being a LGBTQ character, but there are plenty of f/m romances on these DC TV shows and no f/f ones.
  5. Dr. Caitlin Snow using S.T.A.R. Labs not to just take down meta-humans, but to rehabilitate them using her knowledge as a bio-chemist. I would love to see Snow become the new head of the Lab, then bring the company back to its former glory.
  6.  I hope that Kara Danvers brings Cat Grant into the secret. The Supergirl finale told us that she would be a vital part of the Super Team. I loved the mentor/friendship moments between the two women, so I think Cat knowing that Kara is Supergirl would deepen their relationship.
  7.  Simply more Alex and Kara Danvers fighting next to one another. I adore the great sisterly bond the two heroes have.
  8. The actresses from Supergirl have talked about Alex becoming Bat Woman, which would make my day.
  9. During the four-way crossover episodes, Felicity Smoak and Sara Lance go on a mission together aboard the Waverider maybe taking some bad guys down in the 1960s. I’m just guessing that crossover episode will take place on DC’s Legends of Tomorrow. 
  10. Sara Lance deals with the loss of her sister the Black Canary, which leads to her really opening her heart to somebody. I want the White Canary to start to feel like a superhero instead of a broken down woman.

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