10 Reasons Why Jesse Quick is a Feminist Character

Here are ten reasons why Jesse Quick from The Flash is a feminist character:

  1. Jesse Quick is the Earth Two daughter of Harrison Wells.
  2. Jesse graduated from high school when she was fifteen.
  3. Quick became stuck on Earth One after the Flash and her father rescued her from Zoom.
  4. Jesse Quick remains a genius since even though she is still in college, Well’s helped reprogram the S.T.A.R. Labs satellite to track down the electrical distortions that King Shark creates naturally.
  5. Quick has at least two college majors including one in bio-chem.
  6. The science genius figured out the Griffin Grey a meta-human suffered from oxidated stress a.k.a. aged when he uses his super strength by analyzing his blood.
  7. Jesse Quick has great problem solving skills. For example, when Wally and Jesse were trying leave the room the team locked them in (to protect the young West and Harrison’s daughter), Quick hot wired the door with lots of electricity.
  8. Quick was able to forgive Harrison Wells for killing a man after helping The Flash team rescue her father from Grey.
  9. Jesse has some engineering knowledge proved by helping Cisco upgrade Barry Allen’s suit with dwarf star alloy.
  10. Jesse and Barry were able to see that the man in the iron mask who Zoom was also keeping hostage was spelling out Zoom. Quick was vital part in figuring out Zoom and Jay Garrick were the same people.

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