10 Reasons Why Patty Spivot is a Feminist Character

Here are the ten reasons why Patty Spivot from The Flash is a feminist character:

  1. Detective Patty Spivot was part of the Central City Police Department. Before Spivot left the force, she was Joe West’s partner.
  2. Patty was a member of Detective West’s Anti Meta-Human Task Force.
  3. Spivot died for two minutes after hitting her head on the swimming pool when she was a child.
  4. Detective Spivot graduated from Hudson University with a three majors: biology, physics and chemistry.
  5. Patty Spivot joined the Anti Meta-Human Task Force to lock up the Mardon brothers who killed her father for money.
  6. Spivot decided to quit the force, so she could train to be a CSI.
  7. Patty could tell her boyfriend Barry Allen was The Flash by realizing he knew too much about the meta-humans in their police cases.
  8. Patty Spivot may hate the Mardon brothers, but she doesn’t have a prejudice against meta-humans since like normal people some are “bad” and others are “good”.
  9. Spivot is a total geek about comic books, which she can babble on about for hours.
  10. Patty is very observant for example she could tell Barry was blind because of the type of sunglasses he was wearing.

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