Ten Reasons Why Kendra Saunders is a Feminist Character

Here are ten reasons why Kendra Saunders from DC’s Legends of Tomorrow(2016) is a feminist character:

  1. Kendra Saunders has lived thousands of lifetimes starting in Ancient Egypt. Originally Saunders was the Egyptian Priestess Chay-Ara. In this lifetime, Kendra is the superhero Hawkgirl.
  2. Before Kendra realized that she was the recinarcted Chay-Ara, she was a barista at CC Jitters.
  3. Hawkgirl remains a vital member of the time-traveller Captain Rip Hunter’s team whose mission is to stop Vandal Savage from destroying the world in the future. Especially since only Kendra can kill Savage.
  4. Carter Hall a.k.a. the recincarcted Prince Khufu (Hawkman) is Kendra Saunder’s soulmate. The pair is destined to be re-born, fall in love again, then be killed by Vandal Savage. Savage needs the two Hawkpeople to die by his hand so the mastermind can remain immortal.
  5. When Saunders awakens the ancient Priestess inside her, Kendra sprouts wings and has super strength. Hawkgirl also has claws when she fights.
  6. Hawkgirl can bring forth knowledge from past lifetimes. Kendra is proficient at metalwork,  hand to hand combat, swordswoman and stick fighting without really training.
  7. Kendra Saunders and Sara Lance spar together to help each of them heal. Hawkgirl needs to learn how to control the warrior inside herself. Sara Lance has to learn to fight her blood lust, so she can become human again.
  8. Saunders loves science fiction/fantasy like Star Trek and The Princess Bride making her an adorable geek.
  9. Kendra was a librarian when she and Ray Palmer were trapped in the late 1950’s and early 1960’s.
  10. Kendra Saunder has flashes of memories of her past lives, which complicates Hawkgirl’s love of Ray Palmer since she always feels like she is cheating on Carter Hall.

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