10 Reasons Why Sasha Williams is a Feminist Character

Here are the ten reasons why Sasha Williams from The Walking Dead is a feminist character:

  1. Before the walkers, Sasha Williams was a firefighter from Jacksonville, Florida.
  2. While in the Alexandria Safe-Zone, Sasha became the primary lookout for walkers and enemies of the camp since she is one of the best sharpshooters in the group. After the death of her lover Bob she became more of a emotionally hardened loner. Sasha suffers from PTSD.
  3. While in the prison with the Atlanta group, Williams became part of the leadership council since she is a pragmatic survivor.
  4. Sasha Williams can be a very compassionate loyal team member of Rick’s group, which is why very quickly becomes trusted with  supply runs alongside Daryl Dixon.
  5. Sasha questioned Maggie Greene Bob Stookey’s plan to go to Terminus because she is against the idea of being fooled by false hope. She was right since Terminus turned out to be full of cannibals, but it stops her from finding too much happiness in the new world.
  6. At first Sasha Williams felt jealous of the untouched people of Alexandria  causing her to use their photos of the dead as shooting targets, but eventually listens to Maggie and accepts the loss of her brother Tyresse and boyfriend Bob. She starts fully living within the Alexandria Compound.
  7. Sasha helps Abraham Ford deal with his PTSD and they start a romantic relationship showing that Williams is starting to not just function, but live.
  8. When Sasha Williams was a young child she used to copy everything that Tyresse did.
  9. Sasha defends the Alexandria Compound with her guns, but her older brother  hated violence and was a horrible shot.
  10. Sasha Williams survives the deadly flu that killed many of the people who were living in the prison.

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