10 Reasons Why Lana Lang is a Feminist Character

Here are the ten reasons why Lana Lang from Smallville is a feminist character:

  1. Lana Lang founded the Isis Foundation to rehabilitate all of the Meteor infected that Lex Luthor, her ex-husband, experimented on. She also founded the Foundation to protect Clark Kent from Lex.
  2. Lana studied astronomy at Metropolis University to help her find out more about the aliens and the unique meteors that landed in Smallville.
  3. When Lana Luthor realized that Lex made her think she was pregnant to get her to marry him, then devastated his wife by creating a pretend miscarriage, Lana left him. She did not care that Lex Luthor never let his valuable property go.
  4. Lang had scientists fuse her with a Luthor Corp made Power suit that gave her the same abilities as Clark, so the future Superman could be with her without worrying about Lana’s safety.
  5. Lana chose the the lives of the people of Metropolis over her relationship with Clark Kent. Lana Lang absorbed a Kryptonite bomb, which fused the mineral to her body. She became poisonous to Kent, so they had to break up forever.
  6. Now Lana Lang protects villages in Africa as the vigilante Valkyrie or The Angel of the Plateau.
  7. Lana Lang lost her parents during the meteor shower that brought Clark a.k.a. Cal-El to Earth when she was three years old. Lang was raised by her Aunt Nell in Smallville.
  8. Lana is a caring person whose original believe that meta humans and aliens needed to be stopped for the safety of the human race bonded her with Lex Luthor.
  9. During high school, Lang managed the Talon coffee shop even living above it during her senior year.
  10. Lana Lang has some basic self defense training s0 she can protect  herself against normal human beings.

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