10 Reasons Why Scarlet Witch is a Feminist Character

To honor the film Captain America:Civil War(2016) here are the ten reasons why Scarlet Witch is a feminist character. Warning major spoilers:

  1. Wanda Maximoff and her twin Pietro Maximoff joined Hydra and agreed to be experimented so they could gains powers because a Stark Industry bomb killed their parents so they want revenge. Wanda gained the ability to become telekinetic and astral project, which led her to be named Scarlet Witch.
  2. Wanda and Pietro briefly joined Ultron’s side so they could avenge their parents by killing The Avengers, but Scarlet Witch read the all powerful robot’s mind and discovered his plan to kill all mankind. So the twins switched sides.
  3. Wanda Maximoff’s abilities are controlled by hand motions. She can manifest reddish mists that  can allow her to do these like  freeze explosions or move them in a different directions
  4. Scarlet Witch can use her telekinesis to hurl cars at people like when she threw a bunch at Spiderman. When leaving The Avenger’s building with Clint Barton, Wanda was able to blast Vision through the whole building by using the Mind Stone that’s on his forehead.
  5. One of Wanda’s most powerful powers are mind manipulation for example when she made all The Avengers recall their most emotionally dark moments. Maximoff’s emotions are connected to powers, which is why she sensed her twin’s death.
  6. While fighting mercenaries in Nigeria, Scarlet Witch accidently destroyed a building full of innocent people when she was trying to telekinetically move away an explosion caused by a suicide bomber. Wanda felt so guilty for all the dead and wounded that she watched the news that called her dangerous continuously. Maximoff was just trying to protect her team.
  7.  Iron Man and the Sokovia Accords put Wanda Maximoff on house arrest until everything calmed down around the accidental bombing. Something Wanda did willing since she herself felt fearful of her her abilities.
  8. Scarlet Witch helped Captain America safe Bucky, which led the U.S. Government to imprison her in a straightjacket in a flying prison. Wanda was able to gain confidence in her ability to control her power,which freed her from the fear of killing more innocents.
  9. Wanda tries to disable her foes instead of outright killing or attacking them since her power. Maximoff can be very quiet, which is why she never spoke up for herself during the Accords meeting.
  10. Wanda Maximoff is a selfless person proven by the fact that she risked her life by guarding the key during their fight with Ultron and protected Captain America from Iron Man when she knew it would get her in trouble.

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