Goodbye The Good Wife

I first want to say that I loved The Good Wife finale, but I’m going to really miss the complex personal and legal life of Alicia Florrick. To honor the end of such a brilliant legal drama I’m go to list all of the female lawyers that Stern,Lockhart and Gardner (and the other iterations of the legal firm) went against or were represented by in court along with a few that are associates in the firm. I’m not listing Alicia Florrick and Diane Lockhart because I have already done posts about them:

  1. Lucca Quinn:
  2. Geneva Pine:
  3. Wendy Scott-Carr:
  4. Elisbeth Tascioni:
  5. Caitlin D’arcy:
  6. Nancy Crozier
  7. Laura Hellinger:
  8. Patti Nyholm:
  9. Rayna Hecht
  10. Viola Walsh

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