10 Reasons Why Chloe Sullivan is a Feminist Character

Here are the ten reasons why I believe Chloe Sullivan from Smallville(2001-2011) is a feminist character:

  1. Chloe Sullivan is Clark Kent’s best friend and advisor.
  2. Sullivan’s tech genius was utilized by being the Watchtower at the base of communications for Clark Kent, Oliver Queen, and the other superheroes they worked with. Chloe remains one of the few non-costumed members of the Justice League.
  3. Chloe worked at the Daily Planet before being fired by Lex Luthor for trying to protect Clark’s secret.
  4. Chloe Sullivan helped other meteor infected people through the Isis Foundation. She mentored and counseled those with superpowers.
  5. Sullivan was infected by one of the meteor showers and is now able to heal people.
  6. Sullivan is  loyal and protective of friends like Clark Kent and her cousin Lois Lane. She collected kryptonite weapons to protect everybody on Earth from the  Kandorians.
  7. Chloe Sullivan can not only hack and search through complex data bases, but she can create whole forged backgrounds. For example,  Sullivan made the Metropolis police think Clark Kent was a transfer from Coast City.
  8. Back in Smallville High School, Chloe Sullivan used to run the Smallville Torch where she wrote stories on meteor infected students.
  9. Along with being  Watchtower, Chloe Sullivan is a loving mother to Jonathan Sullivan-Queen. She searches for potential superheroes during the night.
  10. For a brief time, right after her first wedding to Jimmy Olsen, Sullivan was a vessel for Brainiac.


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