10 Reasons Why Claudia Donovan is a Feminist Character

Here are the ten reasons I believe Claudia Donovan from Warehouse 13 is a feminist character:

  1. Claudia Donovan is an expert computer hacker who was able to hack into the Warehouse even though they don’t use normal technology.
  2. Donovan is now the caretaker of Warehouse 13 and has invented some artifacts.
  3. Claudia has the capability to tell the difference between normal objects and artifacts, which marks her as a potential caretaker. She can sense when an artifact was “born”.
  4. Joshua Donovan (Claudia’s older brother) “died” when she was a young girl while attempting to teleport. After Donovan realized her brother was stuck into some kind of interdimensional limbo, she kidnapped Artie to help rescue Joshua. The two successfully saved her older brother.
  5. Claudia invented the Tesla grenade and the Mini-Tesla.
  6. When Claudia Donovan turned twenty one she became a full fledged Warehouse agent.
  7. Agent/caretaker  Donovan will live longer than most human beings.
  8. Claudia Donovan was alone most of her life so she has created a little family in Warehouse 13. Myka and Peter are like her siblings. Artie remains a major father figure in her life.
  9. Claudia can study, improve, and use artifacts in the Warehouse without any side effects. This also marks Claudia Donovan as a caretaker.
  10. Donovan loves to sing and play the guitar. She can be very sarcastic and stubborn especially with Artie.

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