10 Reasons Why Myka Bering is a Feminist Character

Here are the ten reasons why Agent Myka Bering is a feminist character:

  1. Before becoming a Warehouse 13 agent, Myka was part of the United States Secret Service. Now Agent Bering works out of the Warehouse in South Dakota.
  2. Myka Bering’s main hobby in high school was fencing. She has always been avid reader and used to be part of Girl Scouts.
  3. Agent Bering is fluent in French, Russian, Portuguese, Chinese and Latin.
  4. Myka has shown her expertise in martial arts during her missions with Agent Peter Lattimer recovering lost artifacts like Julius Wilbrand’s Lab Coat Buttons.
  5. Myka Bering is mostly likely bisexual or maybe even Lesbian since she continues to be in love with Helena G. Wells.
  6. Bering loves to solve puzzles.
  7. Myka Bering follows the rules perfectly when trying to get back dangerous artifacts, which is why her fly by the seat of his pants partner Agent Peter Lattimer helps balance her out.
  8. Agent Bering is afraid of heights, jellyfish and octopi.
  9. Myka can’t watch films where animals die.
  10. Agent  Myka Bering used to be part of the Presidential Protective Division before being ordered to South Dakota.

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