10 Reasons Why Helena G. Wells is a Feminist Character

Here are the ten reasons why Helena G. Wells from Warehouse 13(2009-2014) is a feminist character:

  1. Helena G. Wells is Victorian era British novelist H.G. Wells whose first work The Time Machine was published in 1888.
  2. Helena is also an inventor who became an apprentice for Warehouse 12 during the late 1800’s. She took down Jack the Ripper using artifacts like Harriet Tubman’s thimble.
  3. Wells invented a grappler, time machine and antigravity generator.
  4. Helena G. Wells studied kepno sometime during her time at Warehouse 12.
  5. Helena was a loving mother to Christina Wells who was murdered as a young girl. Wells invented a way to shift her conscious to another person’s back in time to rescue her daughter.  She went back in time to the nanny’s body and was able to fight off the murders, but not stop Christiana’s death. Heartbroken, Helena hunted down and killed all the men involved.
  6. Upoun Well’s own request she was bronzed, then stored in the Escher Vault in 1900.
  7. Helena is bisexual who is in love with the 21st century Agent Myka Bering.
  8. Helena Wells hates guns, which is why she only carries around a personalized green-bolt tesla.
  9. Helena G. Wells knows several languages including dead ones like Demotic. She also loves literature, which helps her connect with Myka whose father owns a small bookstore.
  10. Helena G. Wells is quite the flirt, which she uses to manipulate people. For example, her first interaction with Pete who she fools into thinking that she was not a threat.

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