10 Reasons Why Quinn Fabray is a Feminist Character

Here are the ten reasons why Quinn Fabray from Glee is a feminist character:

  1. Quinn Fabray was strong enough to do the right thing and put her daughter Beth for adoption. Fabray’s daughter found a great mother in Shelby Corcoran.
  2. Quinn was part of both the God Squad and New Directions. She was also in and out of the Cheerios throughout high school.
  3. Fabray graduated from Yale University School of Drama.
  4. When Quinn was a little girl she had serious body issues, which caused her to transform herself into a cheerleader so she could be popular. Fabray deals with serious insecurity issues, which is why she used to be a major bully.
  5. Quinn’s father kicked her out of his house for being pregnant and breaking the celibacy pledge she had made to him.
  6. Fabray helped Mercedes stop starving herself to fit into the Cheerios outfit by telling her how being healthy is important and how beautiful the powerhouse singer is. The two became friends for life.
  7. Quinn Fabray’s pregnancy enabled the cheerleader to realize how it felt to be bullied or ignored by most of the other students, which is how most of the New Directions members were treated at their high school. She became a better kinder person for it though still acts on her jealous nature at times.
  8. Quinn Fabray and Santana Lopez rigged their high school’s prom so that Rachel Berry won Prom Queen, so she could have the perfect night.
  9. Fabray had sex with Santana Lopez during Mr. Sheuster’s almost wedding.
  10. Quinn spent a couple of months of her senior year partially paralyzed because she texted and drove at the same time.

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